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July 2019 Horoscopes: Destiny Looks Good on You, Babe

July 2019 Horoscopes: Destiny Looks Good on You, Babe

Welcome to July, babes: one of the most important turning points within 2019. Cancer season has arrived, enhancing the emotional vibes within our lives. No matter who you are, this will be a time when you are drawn to your soft and sweet inner needs. You do you, babe! We will be digging deeply into our emotions and eager to build projects and relationships of value. Family and the home are deeply important during Cancer season and we are looking at longevity in our lives. What new strength can you integrate into your emotions, relationships, and home? You got this!

Eclipses are what we often look upon as “destiny.” These powerful and profound moments strike our lives like lightning and we must cross a new threshold on our life journey. Damn, girl! Get ready! During these times, we must assess our current path, dive into self-love, and contemplate how we can improve our world and ourselves. July begins with a gorgeous and powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer that takes place on the 2nd and our lives will be opened to vibrant new directions. Get ready to ramp it up!

Transformative shifts, beginnings, and endings take place on eclipses — events we long remember that pivoted our road and led us further along our path. New Moon Solar Eclipses, like the one we have on July 2nd, are optimistic and exciting — bringing opportunities and relationships into our lives. Everyone will experience a door opening at this time, so be sure to look around to see where the Universe is singing. Lunar Eclipses, though, are Full Moons of great intensity and usher in significant culminations and endings that can be highly emotional. They do not necessarily mark difficult passages, but we watch what they have to say because we will never be the same again. Don’t stress yourself out, babe, nobody needs those extra wrinkles!

A mighty Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn will rock the Heavens on July 16th. We will be noticing a crucial achievement coming into our lives—something vital to our development. During this time, take a moment to reflect on what you have built and grown since the beginning of this year. You may be harvesting the rewards of those efforts or deciding it is time to change your direction in order to be more fulfilled. Again, we will be considering the impact we are leaving upon the people and reality around us: are you happy with your direction? This will be a powerful moment for manifestation in 2019, so know that your desires and goals can be within reach. The entire world will feel this energy tremendously as if a mighty bell has echoed around the world. So no, you aren’t crazy. You’re just feeling the cosmos above!

Yet, while eclipse season is often busy enough, we will see some of our plans slowing down or taking a backseat during this month due to a mischievous turn from our planet of communication. Mercury Retrograde occurs from July 7th until the 31st. Despite many people fearing this particularly notorious astrological phenomenon, blessings can actually come to you from this time. During Mercury Retrograde, you may want to return to old projects or relationships in order to revisit them. This would be a good time to dig them up and see if you can bring them back to life. Your intuition will be highly enhanced during this time, so listen to your sparkling inner voice. Center yourself during this time, do your best to not make any important decisions that you hope to not change later, and know that your soul is speaking to you. It whispers, so listen closely. And don’t wake up any of those old f*ckboys! When they start hollering, keep that trash on the curb.

July ends on a sparkling and shimmering note, though, with a New Moon in Leo roaring on the 31st. Our creative, passionate, and romantic sectors will be in full bloom as the summer heat is here to stay! Also, with Mercury Retrograde ending on this day, it means that any important re-assessing you have done will ultimately work to your benefit in the long run. Projects and communication should be speeding up throughout August, so enjoy the reprieve in July while you can. Art, romance, and expression are always favored during Leo season, and with a great deal of this energy igniting in the last third of the month, be sure to open your heart to the world around you. If the muse inspires you to express yourself, dive in! If pleasure is calling, embrace it! If recreation is knocking on your door, have fun! Life is too short to not stop and smell the flowers or tell someone how you feel.

The Universe wants you to be happy, to live a life of abundance, and to reach your goals. With this month being packed with opportunity, be sure to harness these gorgeous energies. If any significant endings occur, know that you are being redirected to better places and relationships. But no matter what, trust your heart and listen to what the world is telling you, babe. Like the first bird at dawn, you can see the light and sing a melody that echoes beauty over your life.

Babe Affirmations For July


How steady is the ground beneath your feet, babe? Consider how you can take a step back to common ground and recharge within your nest. Your roots can help you grow.


The world is ready to hear your words, babe, so let that trumpet echo. Your message is unique and can set you apart, so trust your mind and voice.


Abundance is here for you, babe, so let the dollars roll in. Security and longevity are here for you, so how can you bring your life more value?


You’re in the spotlight, babe, so know exactly how you want to use it. The Universe is ready to hear your heart, so take those deep hopes and dreams and let them come to life.


Nobody likes baggage or dead weight, babe, so toss it to the curb. You’re too fiery and radiant to let anyone or anything steal your shine. 


Soak up the popularity, babe, because the stars are telling you to mingle. Consider how your social life can lead you to your dreams.


Grab that crown, babe, because your name is in lights. Your moment for career building is here. Keep that hustle and watch how doors open everywhere.


It’s time to set sail to new horizons, babe, so grab the reins. Where do you want to set off to? Create an adventure that’ll bring more motion to your ocean.


Trust your intimate feels, babe, because it’s time to dig deep into your needs. If you’re not getting what you require from other people, don’t run away. Sometimes you have to step up to demand your worth.


Partnership is on your mind, babe, so make sure that you’re on level ground. Take the next step together or find someone who can meet you halfway. You love to have someone to build your empire with.


Get that grind on, babe, because you’re ready to rock it out. How’s that work-life balance churning out for you? Shift your flow if anything is off the rails. 


It’s romance season, babe, so dive into the depths of love. The Universe is sparkling with sexy and creative vibes, so bejewel those rose-colored glasses.

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Kyle Thomas is a globally published pop culture astrologer who has been interviewed by Cosmopolitan Magazine, Bustle, PopSugar, Marie Claire, YahooNews, and more. His work harnesses the power of the stars and he is known for his cosmic guidance from the planets regarding celebrities, entertainment lifestyle, as well as trends affecting people all over the entire world. Astrology has always inspired him and he is a great believer in using the Universe to manifest the life you've always dreamt of. With over a decade of professional experience and clients all over the world, he currently resides in Los Angeles where he works as a professional astrologer, life coach, writer, and producer. He is the resident astrologer of Exhibit A, lead host of pop culture podcast, AstroKiki Radio, as well as the author of "2019 Lovescopes." Follow Kyle Thomas on Instagram: @MrKyleThomas (http://www.instagram.com/MrKyleThomas) or Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/kylethomasulatowski)). More info: www.kylethomasastrology.com

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