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ICYMI: Everything You Need To Know About Days 2&3 of Coachella 2019 and What's Happening Next

ICYMI: Everything You Need To Know About Days 2&3 of Coachella 2019 and What's Happening Next

The first weekend of the craziest music festival of the year promised to be one for the books—and babes, it delivered. With more diverse acts than ever before and a platform on a major streaming service, the event was seen all over the world. Not surprisingly, Gens y and z turned. it. out. 

But in the unlikely event that other things were more important to you than watching Ariana Grande light up the world with her angelic voice, here’s the highlight reel…though we’re not really sure you deserve it. Ha. 

Billie Eilish Forgot Her Lyrics and It Was Adorable

At 17 years old, Billie Eilish is doing all the right things. Her debut album “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” dropped March 29th and has already spawned multiple hits. It was edged out or the number one spot on the charts only recently by Khalid’s “Free Spirit.” With that kind of luck, things should have gone smoothly during her Coachella performance. Woulda, coulda, shoulda. During the song “All the Good Girls Go to Hell,” well, things went to hell. Not really, I just couldn’t resist the pun. Eilish forgot her lyrics during the second verse, but recovered with a quick “what the fuck are the words, though?” 

And that, is what we’d like to call a win. 

Khalid Blew Up the Stage with Surprise Guests

And speaking of Khalid, wow. The guy knows how to put on a show. And if he weren’t enough, he bolstered his set by bringing out…you guessed it. Good friend and collaborator, Billie Eilish. And that’s not all. Halsey and Benny Blanco later joined the 21-year-old to perform summer smash “Eastside.” Why Halsey didn’t have her own spot on the Coachella lineup will forever be a mystery, but, movin’ on.  There’s more anyway. Khalid continued with Normani—his collaborator for “Love Lies,” and he STILL wasn’t done. After bringing out Marshmello (his fifth guest, in case you lost count), we were wondering if he was the Mary Poppins carpet bag of music collabs. Good for you, Khalid. 

Perfume Became the First J-Pop Group to Hit the Coachella Stage

Blackpink wasn’t the only group to cross the cultural divide in the music biz last weekend. With the K-pop stars already representing, it was nothing less than a freakin’ coup for all-girl J-pop group Perfume to be asked to Coachella. The group will also be playing the festival’s second weekend before continuing their North America tour with songs from their fourth studio album “FUTURE POP.” Exciting times. 

Weezer Took It All the Way Back

You may not know—or care—about Weezer…but their rendition of “No Scrubs” with TLC’s Chilli on day two of the music festival kind of proves that you should. The song is easily a modern classic, and the group really made it their own on 2019’s “Teal Album.” That was good. Inviting a member of the ‘90s girl group that made the song what it was to perform it with them? Level 10. They also get points for bringing out Tears for Fears in an ‘80s throwback so epic our parents would be proud. 

Ariana Grande Made History - Technical Difficulties and All

Say what you will about the performance, no one can refuse to accept this as an absolute truth: Ariana got hustle. First of all, can you believe she has five albums out? It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago we were watching her play the ditzy red-headed Cat on “Victorious.” With a range wide enough to put most singers to shame, there was never any doubt that vocally, the show would be a smash.  The youngest headliner (and only fourth woman headliner) in Coachella history, all eyes were on her and her guests. 

Unfortunately, the technology was not on their side as the singer brought out Nicki Minaj for a beastly performance of “Bang Bang.” Technical difficulties ran amok during Nicki’s rap…not that it really mattered. Together, they could perform their ABC’s and we’d all shut up and listen. The other reunion (well, near reunion) that made headlines over the weekend happened when the “Thank U, Next” singer brought out *NSYNC…minus Justin Timberlake. I guess the ‘90s really are over. 

Oh, well. We were there for Ari, anyway. Everything else was just a little added sweetener. 

Here’s What’s Next

Well, more of the same, tbh. Most of the fan favorites from week one will return for week two, but there will be a couple notable additions. Drawing on inspiration from gospel, Kanye West is scheduled to perform what is being dubbed “Easter Sunday Service,” on the 21st at 9 AM local time. It looks like Yeezus is going to make an appearance at Coachella this year, after all. Should be interesting. 

And Beyoncé (who is NOT scheduled to perform at the festival this year) is at it again—making documentaries and dropping surprise albums from the sky. Why is this relevant, you may ask? For those who are seriously jonesing for more Queen Bey in their lives post 2016’s “Lemonade,” or last summer’s “Everything is Love,” the Netflix original “Homecoming” will offer us a behind the scenes look at what went into the superstar’s still-talked-about Coachella performance from last year. And if you want to experience the magic on the go, the ENTIRE performance has been conveniently made into an album, available on Spotify. Both are out today…as in RIGHT NOW. Go forth, Beyhive! 

Cover image via EDM ID

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