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I Tried Newtox (The New Botox), And This Happened

I Tried Newtox (The New Botox), And This Happened

Thirty-one is a weird year. It’s a year where you feel both super old and not old enough. It’s also a year you start to dread the appearance of wrinkles, crinkles, grey hair, and other bad stuff. I ought to know, I turned 31 this year and have been pretty much undergoing a mild freakout as a result. I actually feel my age, and I don’t like that at all. 

This month, I saw fine lines on my forehead. I decided it was time to fix things, so I looked online for a more permanent fix than my usual cold cream and facial. That’s how I ended up finding out about Jeuveau, a new alternative to Botox that’s just as effective but now marketed towards Millennials as a more cost-effective way to look younger, longer.

So, why Jeuveau?

Before Jeuveau, and after via  Dr. Mary Lupo

Before Jeuveau, and after via Dr. Mary Lupo

Jeuveau (rhymes with “Hello!”) is one of the newest anti-aging treatments to hit the scene. Like Botox, its predecessor, it is made from processed botulinium toxin A, and works by forcibly relaxing your face to reduce fine lines and prevent further wrinkling from happening. 

I already loved the idea of Botox, simply because a facelift was a bit overkill for what I needed—not even mentioning its surgery risks, recovery time, or price point. I only really needed a little touch.

So, back to Jeuveau. It is basically the same thing as Botox in terms of use, storage, and actual results. The only difference is that it tends to be a bit more affordable, and it also is only really approved for cosmetic use. 

I’ll be honest here. Part of the reason I chose to do Jeuveau was because of the name and the marketing campaign. The actual company behind it started using #NewTox as the way to market it, and it just seemed a lot more approachable as far as injectables go.

Here’s how it all came about.

I actually went to a local plastic surgeon I knew to ask about Jeuveau. His name is Barry DiBernardo, and he runs Montclair’s own NJ Plastic Surgery. I’ve gone there before for facials and because I had a good rapport with the people there, I felt comfortable asking about getting some wrinkle reducing goodness. 

He paired me up with Aston, who is probably the sweetest person I’ve ever met. She was a great guide when it comes to learning about what was happening and just helping me stay calm during the whole thing. 

Stupid as this may sound, I actually bought into a lot of the rumors and warnings that I heard about Botox. I heard people tell me that it’d age me faster in the long run, as well as potentially make me sick. When I asked my skincare guide, Aston, about it, she immediately set the record straight. 

Every question I had was answered, even if it was a silly one. Though I was a little terrified at first, I gained the confidence I needed to go through with it. So, it all started.

I got my photo taken. 

Before anything was inserted into my face, the people at New Jersey Plastic Surgery took multiple photos of my face from multiple angles. This was to show how the Jeuveau would work, and also keep a record of what work I’d have done in the office. 

I was asked to raise my eyebrows, look concerned, and also give a neutral look. So far, so good.

Then, they drew a map. 

After looking at my forehead, Aston decided to give me two syringes and used a map of my face to show me where the injections would take place. That’s when I noticed that certain spots were close to where I had a major scar. I was worried that it would hurt, and that people might notice a difference between each side of my face. 

For me, this was a major leap of faith. I was under the full belief that this stuff was going to hurt.

Even so, I braced myself for the injections...only to barely notice when I was getting Jeuveau at all.

Believe it or not, Jeuveau didn’t hurt at all. The needle was super small, and really just felt like getting a zit popped. I was able to carry on a conversation the entire time, even when areas near my scarring was. 

The thing that surprised me the most about Jeuveau, was the time it took to actually do. I’d say it took 10 minutes at most. It was a short time compared to a facial or a scrub. Could this really be all it took? 

I looked at myself in the mirror. I had a couple of swollen bumps on my forehead, but it was nothing extreme. I felt fine. Aston told me not to lay on my face for four hours, then sent me on my way.

So let’s talk results. 

Within about an hour, I started to notice that my forehead started to relax. It almost felt like a hand put itself on my forehead to stop my usual facial creases from forming. After about 2 hours, the swelling from my forehead subsided. 

12 hours later, I took a late-night shot of my forehead. It seemed to be way more wrinkle-free than usual. By a day later, my forehead definitely was more youthful in appearance. It still felt stiff, but at the same time, I still felt like I could move my brows. 

It’s been about two weeks since then, and I definitely love the look. 

I know it’s only been two weeks, but I’ve been enjoying the perks of Jeuveau. Since I got my injections, I have been getting carded for nicotine more often, and I also feel more confident. Overall, it was a good experience, and one that I definitely would suggest for others who want to keep looking young.

Cover image via Dr. Youn

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