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Beauty Products You Should Be Swapping Out For Summer

Beauty Products You Should Be Swapping Out For Summer

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It’s officially the start of summer. We’ve already discussed wardrobe updates, now it’s time to update that beauty routine. You know those product that give you an extra glow or cut back on the oily skin. My general rule of thumb for summer is less is more. I want all the multipurpose products that take minimal time for a fresh face beat. 

Out: Heavy Moisturizer

In: Dry Oils

The first thing I swap is my moisturizer. During the winter months I lather on moisturizer like my life depends on it. But in the warmer months I just don’t want anything that heavy on my skin. Oils might seem like an unconventional choice but it’s really the type of oil you use. Dry oils absorb into the skin quickly and lock in moisture at the same time. I typically only apply them at night to avoid oily makeup. I use a mixture of tea tree oil (to fight blemishes) and rosehip oil most nights. (click images to shop)

Out: Powder Foundation

In: Stick Foundation

I don’t usually wear foundation on a day to day basis, but when I do I still want it to be quick and effortless. A powder does the trick for me in the winter but not so much for summer. I prefer a stick foundation that easily melts into the skin and looks very natural. This one by Maybelline is a favorite of mine since it’s so easy to blend and feels light weight on the skin. (click images to shop)

Out: Moisture Masks

In: Clay or Charcoal Masks

We aren’t totally kicking moisture to the curb, but I do find that my skin needs less of it come summer. I swap out my weekly moisture mask for a clay or charcoal mask. With all the heat and sweat that can accumulate on your skin you want to be sure you are giving your pores a deep clean weekly. This is especially important if you work out often, or have acne prone skin. My favorite inexpensive option is this Aztec Healing Clay. I mix in a little apple cider vinegar for extra cleansing and brightening. Glam Glow has a really good clay mask as well that gets deep down into pores. (click images to shop)

Out: Matte Lipstick

In: High Shine Gloss

High shine gloss has been all over the runways for the past few seasons, and summer seems like the best time to add it into rotation. Of course, I’d still use a liquid lipstick if I needed a long lasting looks. But during the summer I want my look to be as effortless as possible. A gloss can be swiped on during rush hour on the train with no hassle. Julep has a lip oil that I’ve been wearing for the past few weeks non-stop. If you want a bit more color, Hourglass’s Unreal Gloss is a favorite of mine too. (click images to shop)

Out: Single Use Products

In: Multi-purpose Products

Remember our motto for summer is, less is more. And my beauty drawer usually is thankful when this time of year rolls around because I purge a lot. I add in more multi use products to keep my beauty routine streamline and easy. My favorite product at the moment is Nar’s Endless Orgasm palette. It’s an eyes, cheek, and lip palette that literally has endless uses. In general, cream and liquid products are your best bet when looking for multi-functional products. (click images to shop)

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