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Where Beauty Meets Inspiration:  Essence Beauty Carnival 2019

Where Beauty Meets Inspiration: Essence Beauty Carnival 2019

New York City’s  showcasing of Essence Beauty Carnival proved that there was nothing but good vibes and charisma that radiates between women. The two-day event was filled with live, on stage interviews of  some of the top beauty influencers ( such as Jackie Aina to Nikita G), wellness experts, and other celebrity guests (Dapper Dan and Ciara) pouring their heart out about all things glamour. In addition, there were many curated shopping experiences and product demonstrations tailored to fashion, beauty, hair, and skincare. This is the quintessential celebration of black women from all walks of life, styles, and places of origin embracing all things that promote global beauty.

With that, check out some of the highlights from day one of the chic event ! 

Essence Girls United


Essence Magazine interviewed the young ladies of Girls United ( who worked with Ulta Beauty to create a capstone beauty line), providing them with  a platform to express their endeavors. Essence’s Girls United is a mentorship program that is centered on helping young African American girls become inspired leaders instilled with love, confidence, and girl power that will withstand the test of time.

History Based Exhibits


Inspiring history exhibit on hair straightening products, tools, and style from 1920s’ from some of the legends in the entertainment world.

Celebrity Guests

Ciara via  Celebzz

Ciara via Celebzz

Hey, Ciara! Ciara graced the stage with pure joy as she discussed her beauty regimen, her style preferences and her new campaign “Embracing Your Beauty Marks Challenge”, which is about embracing every mark, and every blemish you may have (no make-up,  and no hair extensions , etc.) showcasing the vulnerable and genuine you that you’ll grow to love ! Talk about self-love and care!

Skin Care and Body Vendors


Anyone up for a bike ride through a flowery forest? Eden Body Works hair and skin care company was one of the vendors at the event that was handing out samples of their coconut, shea + vitamin E body lotion (which helps lock in moisture for hours!)  and answering all your questions and answers about their products !

Clothing Vendors

Who doesn’t love a good pair of jeans ! These eccentric and colorful designs are from New York based company Siatta Jeans whose mission is catered to providing jeans to women of all shapes and sizes.

Interactive exhibits

Bringing in the bold with these jubilant colors ! ( You could even take a picture with the installation as if you were shopping for these products).

Food Vendors


What’s an event without delicious food options  to proceed it? That’s why I  couldn’t help but take a picture of the Jamrock Jerk cart to see what savory dishes they had stirring up!

Cover image via The Glow Up

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