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Corporate vs Private Jobs... How to Figure Out Which One You'll Thrive In Most

Corporate vs Private Jobs... How to Figure Out Which One You'll Thrive In Most

Working for anyone sucks, period. That’s been the consensus I gather from everyone I know, young and old. But we have these charges spring upon us like rent and bills that just keep coming in, it's so inconvenient. The alternative is living on the street, I'm an LA native and seeing it first hand it doesn't seem like people willingly choose that shelterless lifestyle. So! We have to work to eat. The math is simple enough, I exchange my priceless time and youth for a monetary substance to hold me over for the next two weeks. The scale is a little skewed here, but this is the way society is set up. I had to look for more.

My passion is directly tied to my work ethic

Meaning, if I am not passionate about the work, my full focus and energy will not go towards said work. ( If I hate it, I'm not doing it, duh) This was very prevalent in my experience of transitioning from a big corporate run business to a smaller privately owned firm. Both were in fashion ( I wouldn't work in any other field) but the difference in the work environment between them is day and night. I’ve gone through my fair share of jobs in retail and for the first time I’m being exposed to a fairly new and smaller firm and I’m obsessed. I feel seen and get this… they appreciate and recognize my work daily. Smaller is better when it comes to working environments and individual treatment.


Working for massive chains, I felt like they tagged my ear during orientation and sent me in with all of the other clones that maintained a decent level of business, never to deviate or have a mind of your own. My most recent jail sentence,…… I mean the job,… was the worst of them all. They shall remain nameless because I am in such a great place right now and I don't feel the need for the extra pettiness. Much like any relationship that’s gone south, I wish them the very best.

The reason for my reservation is because they pretended to care about you

 They pretended to “ look out for the employee” and “promote within”… it was a bunch of rubbish! I worked there for three years, held top scores and showed that I have the mindset to move up in the company, but because I didn't run for most liked in their office politics poll, I was overlooked for supervisory positions or anything I applied for. One time I had to chase down a rejection, I interviewed for a training position and got nothing but praises during the interview. But I didn't hear a yay or nay for three months. “ I got lost in the paperwork” This is one of the many offenses that caused me to look for greener pastures. 


Contrary to this new job at this privately-owned fashion label, I will keep them secret as well because I like that it's just us right now and its all so new. I am absolutely in love with the work environment. Keep in mind I work front desk so it's not all glam and glimmer. However, I rather do the grunt work here than be in a cubicle annoyed at Karen who keeps taking my stapler any day.


At least here, I can see a clear path to growth.

That's the main goal for us millennials by the way. I asked every gen y adult I knew, and its all about “ growth” rather than be personal, or career-based we yearn for an inclined direction and we need to see physical evidence. The handshake method of promises; just as long as you do a good job is long gone and should never have been trusted. Corporate jobs take advantage of the body count; they give off a stench that you can be replaced. So you either get with the program or there's the door. Whereas in smaller private firms, it seems like there is a REAL human resource where you can feel that they see you as a person with a life that you are looking to support. I appreciate that you can learn everyone's name if the firm is small enough and it becomes more like a work family, rather than tolerating people in the break room. Overall, its about preference. I don't want to deter you away from applying to Big company inc. if that works for you. If you figured out the office politic game and excel in that type of field, by all means, please take over that firm. However for the ones who struggled like me and always thought it was something wrong with you, just try a smaller firm for size. You may need extra attention and care.

cover image via Harvard Business Review

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