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Set Up For Failure: Married At First Sight Season 8, Episode 1 & 2 Recap

Set Up For Failure: Married At First Sight Season 8, Episode 1 & 2 Recap

On the very first episode of Married at First Sight we were introduced to some pretty interesting individuals, about to go on the ride of their life. The experts and producers seem to be trying something new this season and decided to embark on this adventure with four couples as opposed to three. Out of the two weddings featured on Tuesday night’s episode, one couple couldn’t keep their hands, or mouths, off of each other, whereas one was more cautious when it came to physical affection. 

The first hopeful bride that was introduced was Kristine, who also goes by “Queen”. As you can imagine from her nickname she has a BIG personality. Kristine is a 28-year-old Real Estate Agent who seems to sabotage herself when it comes to past relationships. Her standards are too high. So, by participating in this experiment she hopes that she will look past the superficial things, and really dig deep to find her soul mate. The experts decided that Keith, a 32-year-old who lives at home with his grandmother was the correct match. Keith seems like a very genuine person who will have no problem putting his wife first. So, this may just be a match made in heaven!

Kristine and Keith - via  Heavy

Kristine and Keith - via Heavy

The next couple was the one that has everyone wondering what will happen at the end of the experiment because the bride, Kate, is a hopeless romantic who is dying to be a wife. Whereas the groom Luke, is always surrounded by single women but can’t seem to find the time to settle down. Luke is basically looking at this experiment as a way to fast track his love life which may not lead to the desired outcome for happy go lucky Kate. Kate does have issues of her own, as she has not spoken to her dad in over a year. So, all of these things may play into just how well the marriage works out. 

Luke and Kate - via  reality tv world

Luke and Kate - via reality tv world

Jasmine and Will are both very mature and can take care of themselves. So, will they be able to mold their lives into one, is the real question. Jasmine wants to have children ASAP, and this is her main reason behind marrying someone she doesn’t know. Jasmine was excited to meet her future husband but the current leading man in her life, her father, was not so thrilled. He was unsure if he would walk her down the aisle but within one hour to spare, he decided to swoop in and save Jasmine’s day. Will is a self-proclaimed introvert who has a hard time opening up, so it may be tricky for Jasmine to get to know her husband. Their wedding was featured on the first episode and actually turned out pretty normal, apart from the kiss and all. Will was unsure of what to do so he went for the gentlemanly option and gave her a peck on the cheek, good move on Will’s part because it showed he was attracted, but not pushy! 

Jasmine and Will - via  Heavy

Jasmine and Will - via Heavy

Now here comes the wild card, Stephanie and AJ. Although they are both free spirits who love to have a good time, they have also been on their own for a while and the match will probably be a hit or a miss. Stephanie, 35, is thrilled to be getting married and as soon as she gets confirmation from the experts that she has been chosen, she runs out and buys HERSELF an engagement ring! Yup! You read that right (this may be a good time to run AJ). Anyway, everyone proceeds with the wedding and once the two lay eyes on each other they can’t keep their hands off of one another! They have very intimate wedding photos which is pretty shocking considering they just met but hey they were matched by experts in love! 

AJ and Stephanie - via  Romper

AJ and Stephanie - via Romper

The most shocking part of the entire episode came at the very end, of course like all good reality television, when Kate made her appearance down the aisle. Her future husband, Luke, whispered to his groomsmen that he in fact knew her. It is unclear where he knows her from, but he does own a speed dating business, and it seems that Kate is no stranger to singles events so this seems like the most obvious answer. Either way we will find out all of the juicy details, as well as see how Queen and Keith’s wedding goes next week! 

cover image via Us Weekly

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