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Styling 101: How To Curate The Perfect Outfit For Every Occassion

Styling 101: How To Curate The Perfect Outfit For Every Occassion

Raise your hand if you have ever thought of a perfect outfit, but accidentally let your genius idea slip through the cracks due to what's going on in the real world. Have you ever needed this outfit idea when you have to get ready super suddenly and you wish you had documented it? Whether I've seen someone on the subway wearing an adorable outfit, saw an awesome idea on Pinterest, or even just put pieces I own together in my head, I've always been so guilty of forgetting my perfect formulas.

To avoid losing ideas, whenever you’re struck with sudden outfit inspiration, run to your closet and put the outfit on display. This helps you see the pieces together in real life instead of in your head, so if the idea is actually gold, it will be readily available all together on a hanger in your closet. Each time your open the closet door in a panic of what to wear, the previous looks you’ve curated are accessible for last minute occasions.

Special occasions don’t have to necessarily be one specific event, but maybe you just want help dressing based on how you feel that day. Below are six of my recent outfits I've created from my closet that I will wear this fall when in the mood for a special look!

Feeling Bright and Bubbly

Earrings:  $135  / Sweater:  $35  / White Blouse:  $148  / Pants:  $53

Earrings: $135 / Sweater: $35 / White Blouse: $148 / Pants: $53

Some days I’m going to do all of my errands with gym shorts and old sneakers on and that’s going to be okay. But other days I’m going to wear an outfit so colorful and cheery that people are going to ask me where I came from! If you’re ever in one of those moods where you want to dress happy like your personality (like if you got a promotion or got approved for your next vacation), then keep your favorite “happy” looks on a hanger. You’ll be glad the outfit that makes you feel like you, is right on the other side of the closet door.

A Carefree Saturday

Romper:  $50  / Blouse:  $165  / Necklace:  $80

Romper: $50 / Blouse: $165 / Necklace: $80

Shoes:  $118

Shoes: $118

The Spontaneous Weekend Winery Visit

Jacket:  $24.99  / Dress:  $342

Jacket: $24.99 / Dress: $342

Earrings:  $68  / Shoes:  $89  / Clutch:  $150

Earrings: $68 / Shoes: $89 / Clutch: $150

If you and the gals are going on a weekend vacation to visit a bunch of wineries in the area, you’ll need a gorgeous daytime outfit that will be appropriate for all occasions (think complementing silhouette dress with pastel hues). Instead of just grabbing a dress out of your closet and pairing it with plain black heels, try a retro floral dress with some standout accessories. For late fall, you’ll need a denim jacket on hand if it gets cooler at night, and it wouldn’t hurt to pair the two with some denim heels.

The Cool Girl Touch

Pants:  $99  / Dress:  $230

Pants: $99 / Dress: $230

Shoes:  $48  / Earrings:  $48

Shoes: $48 / Earrings: $48

Consolidating your closet of all of your summer pieces? Hold up just one minute. If you’re after a quick fall update on your flirty, flow-y dresses, consider pairing dark wash skinny-jeans underneath. The combination of both of these separates creates the perfect high-low formula that every fashion editor is after. Put a dress like this from Lindsey’s Kloset, Ralph Lauren denim, and a pair of red block heels to the side on a hanger to effortlessly carry you through the fall.

Hot September Afternoon

Top:  $88  / Pants:  $98

Top: $88 / Pants: $98

Shoes:  $49  / Earrings:  $4

Shoes: $49 / Earrings: $4

While we’re still on the topic of transitioning our favorite summer clothes, this September, you can also team up the summer and fall pieces to find something perfect to wear to work. When the temperature is still 85 degrees by the end of September, a polka-dot blouse paired with jeans and bold block heels, would be the perfect combination to grab off of a hanger in the back of your closet. If the night takes an unexpected turn for a cool breeze, just grab a jean jacket! 

September Wedding

Dress:  $79

Dress: $79

Earrings:  $68  / Sunglasses:  $69  / Shoes:  $38

Earrings: $68 / Sunglasses: $69 / Shoes: $38

Clutch:  $95

Clutch: $95

Summer ending doesn’t mean that the wedding season is over, meaning it’s time to get excited that we can all get a little bit more creative with maximal outfits now that we won’t have to stay out all night in the blazing heat. While planning your back-up wedding outfit, still consider going for a bright colored formal dress, but tone down the jewelry to all one color, like gold. Keep a handy wristlet on deck and you will be ready to grab and go if you find yourself all-of-the-sudden becoming a plus one.

Cover image via Harpers Bazaar



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