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Bye Bye Retrogrades, Hello September! Horoscopes for September 3-9

Bye Bye Retrogrades, Hello September! Horoscopes for September 3-9

FINALLY! We can relax because those pesky retrogrades are behind us and we are free to party! Mercury is here to speed up those corks popping, but beware of those haters trying to kill your vibe. Some haters are just gonna hate. On a brighter note, all you September birthday babes share a birthday month with the one and only Beyonce! Feel free to channel your inner Beyonce and live your most fabulous life.

    This month is great for you Virgos out there, but this week in particular is looking up for everyone. With Mercury’s retrograde wrapping up, all those bad mojos will finally start to clear up and all our confusing situations will make sense. So, stop hiding out on your couch with your pet  and get out in the real world! The new moon in Virgo means a shiny, new clean slate and a full moon in Aries will have us taking things head on. Things are looking up buttercup!


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It’s your time to shine! Mercury paired with the New Moon is a perfect time for you to experiment with your personal expression. Wear the things you thought you’d never pull off and do the things you’ve always been scared to do. This week is prime time for those seemingly small opportunities that can redefine you. Perhaps it’s even time to step into that new relationship you’ve been wary of getting into. That retrograde is over, honey!

Now what?  It’s your night on the town, so go get ‘em, girl! Make a statement with this It’s Slit Jumpsuit from Lindsey’s Kloset. You’ll have heads turning for sure.


Via  Giphy

Via Giphy

Hang in there  girl! This week is not your week to do anything daring, Libra darlings. But don’t you worry; things are going right into place just as they should be (I did say this week was looking up for all of us, didn’t I?). Maybe use this down time to prepare for those good things that might be coming along a little do fast. Mercury doesn’t slow down for anyone. Not even you.

Now what? Take this week to slow down. If you’ve been on the run for the past couple of weeks, make a day or two out of your week to take a breather. That energy is going to run out soon honey, so catch up now.


Via  Gifer

Via Gifer

Carpe diem it up! Opportunities are aplenty this week for you Scorpios. Now’s the time to jump into things on a whim, even though your whim is more thought out than our Sagittarius friends’.  Mercury will aid in that speedy personal growth we’ve all been wishing for our whole lives, but watch for those haters who only want to see you fall. Some betches are only in it for the drama.

Now what? Do something daring! Take an impromptu trip, take a personal day from work, do something adventurous that you wouldn’t normally do. Now’s the time to be alive!


Oh honey, you are on a roll! You feel those creative juices flowing, dontcha? Mercury is also on your side and hurrying up those things you’ve been hoping for, but you should take this week to think about where you should channel those creative juices. Lame, right? Well, things are probably going to get hectic soon so take this week as a breather.

 Now what? This week, try something new! Like, really new. Experiment with some meditation techniques. It doesn’t have to be sitting in a quiet room and humming to yourself either. Go for a stroll or sit in a coffee shop by yourself. Good ideas come in strange places.


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Via Giphy

Think like Gandhi, baby. This week is your week of wisdom. Words mean a lot and you’re about to find that out firsthand, so make sure your words bring in some serious zen. No more retrograde means no more drama. Picked some petty fights and then blamed it on the retrograde? Maybe it’s time to kiss and make up.

Now what? This week, before you speak, think about what you’re going to say. Think about the repercussions from your words. Maybe you’ll realize that you don’t need to talk at all; you just need to listen.  


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Forget about everyone else, this week is all about you, honey boo! It’s time to bond with the most important person: you. Everyone knows you can’t have healthy relationships with anyone else unless you have a healthy relationship with yourself. Take this week to go easy on yourself and give you a little love. You never know, your other relationships could benefit from a little you-time.

Now what? No one loves you like you love you. Take a day for yourself. Go to the spa or go on  that much needed shopping spree. Find out what you need and just go! You never know what you can discover about yourself.



Love is in the air! Take this week to fall back in love with yourself. Maybe over the past few weeks, you’ve been beating yourself up and that’s been putting a damper on your relationships. Well, this week Mercury is helping you firm up those ties by hitting you with Cupid’s arrow.

Now what? Treat yourself like your dream guy would treat you. Buy your new little black dress from Lindsey’s Kloset and take yourself out on a date. Treat yourself to something you haven’t had in a while and don’t regret it.


Via Pinterest

Via Pinterest

Summer isn’t over just yet, sweetie! Chillax for a week because everything will happen on its own. It might look like a super lazy week for you, but don’t worry, things are in motion thanks to speedy Mercury. Take this time off to be the couch potato you’ve always wanted to be.

Now what? Take this week to be alone for a day or two. You might be exhausted from constantly going out with your friends and now’s your time for a little R&R. Take a bold step and turn off your phone for a while. Your friends will be there for you when you return back to reality.


Via Gifer

Via Gifer

Stuck in a rut? Feel like you’ve been trying to finish that project or quit that habit (or friendship) that is hella toxic FOREVER? I know it’s exhausting, but hang in there! It’s always harder to swim in the ocean when you fight the waves. Go with the flow for a while, but don’t let your guard down because a blessing in disguise could be on its way.

 Now what? Just one more week! If you feel like you’ve been trying to drop something for a while, try to stick it out for one more week. Now might not be the time and besides that bad habit or bad friend could bring you some unexpected joy this week.


It’s time for some spring cleaning! Yes, I know you probably just “spring cleaned” your living space a couple of months ago (because we all love to procrastinate), but now it’s time to check up on your life. Relationship got a couple of the not-so-fun kinks in it? Had a fight with your bestie over something stupid and only kinda sorta patched it up? Now’s the week to reflect! Throw those bad retrograde mojos out the window and say hello to ultimate zen.

Now what? Take that person that you might have hurt out for lunch. Put your phones away and take a moment to reconnect. You might find out something that you never knew about that other person.



Grab the tissues, babes, this week might be a rollercoaster. No, that’s not your period coming in early; it’s just Mercury bringing all those sappy emotions to the surface. Push them away as much as you want, but by the end of this week you’ll find yourself on your couch with a half gallon of ice cream and your favorite sappy movie.

Now what? If you really don’t want to be a couch potato this week, then use those incoming emotions to develop new relationships. Maybe you just started vibing with someone at work or someone you met at the gym (no more retrogrades means new you!). Now’s the time to spark up that new friendship! You can never have too many friends, right?


Via Wowreads

Via Wowreads

Not a care in the world for you Leos this week! Now that those retrogrades aren’t slowing you down anymore you can dump all those projects that were bumming you out. If you’re suddenly feeling like working on that project is draining you more than it’s bringing you joy... Throw it in the back of your closet, you’ll get to it later. This week’s for focusing on what makes you happy, especially after the bad couple of weeks you’ve been having.

Now what? Go with your gut this week. If something is giving you resistance, then maybe it’s not the time to be working on it. Don’t feel like working on anything? That’s okay too. Don’t fret too much this week, Leos.

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