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Time for a Rebellion? Hell Yes! Horoscopes for September 24-30

Time for a Rebellion? Hell Yes! Horoscopes for September 24-30

Are you a rebel? Yes, you are girl! This week, you get to act like the daring Avril Lavigne because the Full Moon is in Aries and it’s her birthday this week. That means all you birthday Libras (and everyone else out there) will be channeling your inner ferociousness.


It’s your turn to take what you want because you are the Queen of your life. And if that means throwing a drink in some betch’s face. . . then you didn’t get that idea from me. You darlings are an unstoppable wind storm this week and it’s time to revel in your power.

Avril Lavigne is always telling us that we don’t need to live by the rules, so don’t! Grab your best friend or partner in crime and let the world have it! You don’t need to be scared of anything that comes your way. Especially if a new romance happens upon your way.




Grab a chair, Libras; It’s time to sit yourself in front of the mirror. This week, you need to learn to love yourself because it’s probably been a while since you’ve appreciated what you bring to the world. If there’s something you want to change about yourself, now’s the time to do it! It could be those microscopic details that could turn your life around. And who knows, it could also fuel a new romance or break down barriers in your existing one.

Now what? Of course, you don’t literally need to put a chair in front of your mirror. But, you should definitely take some time and examine your inner you. Step back from any pride that you might have and see yourself the way others might see you. From there, you can change anything you think you should.



What’s the rush, Scorpios? Life doesn’t have a finish line and it’s definitely no race, so just sit tight! Lay low and let things happen as they happen and believe that the universe is on your side. Your power this week will be funneled into a quiet storm, much like the Mother Nature we all fear and love. This week you will also need to use that calm power to work with others that might not cooperate with previously planned events. Not everyone can act the way you want them to, but you can control the way you react.

Now what? This week is all about timing. Things might come around faster or slower than you planned, but don’t let that throw you off. Mother Nature is always calm, so you will be too. And think about it, does anything ever really go as planned?



You are like a snowflake: completely unique. You give something to the world that no one else can give. This week is the time for you to realize that uniqueness and use it for good. Your fierceness will come from deep within because it’s time for you to share some of your experiences. Maybe you’ve held some secrets deep within, but someone in your life might need to hear about it right now. Tune in to that need and let your inner beauty be.

Now what? Take time to closely examine your friends and family. Someone that you are close might really need your help this week. You have no idea the power you have to help someone that you love. Even if you haven’t had a heart to heart with them in a while, take this week to open up to them.



Whoever thought you could truly grow as a person? Well, you can! Dear Cappys, this week you will go through some emotional changes that can allow you to grow for the better. You might feel like your week is too busy for you to be bothered by your emotions. I hate to tell ya this honey, but emotions are what make us who we are. So, embrace that change with open arms and curiosity because you might be a shiny new you at the end of it.

Now what? Life can make us feel as though we don’t have time to feel any emotion besides happiness, but this week, you should allow yourself to feel all of them. As soon as one arrives, just let it happen. Quit pushing everything down, Cappy!



Free your minds, young rebels! This week is the time to expand your horizons for no reason all at. Don’t be bogged down by your biases or society’s expectations; do something wild. Do something you would never do. Learn to think the way other people do. This could make family members or friends uneasy but don’t let that stop you! This is your time to make yourself worldly and cultured.

Now what? Who cares if you’ve never smoked a day in your life? This bag is killer and it’s the perfect start to your rebellious week. You can be the perfect rocker chick you’ve never had the guts to be and do everything you’d never thought you’d do.


635946393758126038-1334629247_Never too late to start over gif.gif

You are a flower, dear Pisces. While you grow new petals, old ones will die off but that won’t affect you. New ideas and relationships will come your way, but you can only handle so much. Let those unnecessary ideas or relationships fade away of their own accord. You’ll find new energy to focus on the things that matter to you.

Now what? It’s alright to weep those relationships you must let go, even if they were toxic. We’re all human and we mourn the things we used to have even if they were terribly bad for us. Know that it’s okay to cry over painful situations, but you must let them leave your life.


Aries babes, it’s your time to shine! This week is your chance to get everything you’ve been wishing for. Your fierceness will allow you to take what’s yours and not regret it. It’s time to get competitive, meet new people, and maybe even fall in love. Be an unapologetic extrovert and live your best life. You might make someone a little unhappy, but some people just can’t handle others’ successes.

Now what? Take this Clockwork Orange Trench and everything else you want this week. I mean, who can say no to you when you’re wearing this? You’ll have the world bowing down at your feet in no time.



Grow up? Yep, it’s time to be an adult this week. Don’t worry, you can revert next week, but for now you need to toss the juice boxes and confront your fears. Maybe there’s something that’s been bothering you for a while. Talk it over with yourself because you might find a new you at the end of it.

Now what? Alright, you can toss the juice boxes but keep the vodka. Hey, maybe vodka can help you be the adult you need to be this week. (Just don’t drink the whole bottle, okay?) Take a shot of courage and don’t back down to your fears. You tell ‘em who’s boss!



It’s time for you to end that exhausting journey you’ve been on, sweet Geminis. It doesn’t have to be something that is literally weighing you down, but those small issues can also be energy consuming. But a long-distance friend can help you through it. For some issues, you need an outside perspective that you trust and that person can be the key.

Now what? Maybe it is a big journey that you’ve been on and maybe it’s a small one. As you come to an end of yours, know that there are others who might be going through the same thing or might be going through something worse. So, although this week may be tough for you Geminis, try not to snap at others if you get bent out of shape.



Think like a teddy bear, Cancers! You don’t need to be the tough gal at every second of every day. Being sensitive or “soft” can get you places too. Being sensitive doesn’t mean you’re weak or not capable of handling your business. Being in tune with your emotions means now is the perfect time to hang around your friends, family, and significant other. It’s time to let your feelings out, girlfriend!

Now what? Practice your empathy! Every time you feel yourself covering up your emotions or telling someone to go away if they ask you what’s wrong, try to open up to them. Empathy allows us all to grow closer together and form tight relationships. You’re not too tough for love, Cancers!



Life doesn’t have to be a pain, sweetie. Pain can prevent you from living the life that you want to, but they can also serve a purpose. Some pain can make you a better and stronger person. But some of your pain has served its time and now you need to let go.

Now what? This week might be your time to be alone. Or if you feel like it, you can be with friends. Make yourself comfortable so that you can prepare to let go of that pain that you’ve been carrying for so long. It will prove to be refreshing.



As the Hulk says, “I’m always angry.” How do you handle your anger? Do your friends call you a hot head? If so, maybe it’s time to get in touch with your emotions, specifically your anger. Sometimes, your anger can get in the way of your life and your relationships. Getting over your anger can lead to brighter beginnings.

Now what? This is a tip for after you’ve figured out your anger. If you like the person that you’ve become after this week, then try to keep it up. It’ll take some effort, but you can do it! Every time you feel like you’re receding in progress, make a bigger effort to keep yourself moving forward.

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