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Venus is Back (If You Know What I Mean) - Horoscopes Sept. 10-16

Venus is Back (If You Know What I Mean) - Horoscopes Sept. 10-16

It’s time to get our freak on! As Venus enters the Scorpio sign this week, we’ll all be ripe with emotion. Venus, our planet of love and sensual pleasures, begs us to connect with our more emotional side . . . and maybe our other sides as well. But have no fear! No really, don’t feel bad about any of those pleasures that you explore, ladies.  

Last week’s Virgo full moon is still producing a massive influence on us this week, so if we manage to stay laser focused on what we want to achieve, then we’ll see some positive results. And as if being focused wasn’t draining enough, those emotions Venus has bubbling up to the surface might make us feel like we literally can’t get out of bed in the morning. Resist that urge girl! This week is all about the positive vibes and maybe some impulsive decisions, so you might want to stay away from the alcohol and your ex’s house.


Via  Gfycat

Via Gfycat

Grab the crayons, Virgos! It’s time to rediscover that childlike creativity that you might have lost over the years. I don’t mean literally grab the crayons, but if you feel like it, go for it!  This week is perfect to let your creative passions fly and do what you want to do. Don’t hold back; bring some of that lovely individuality sailing into your life again.

Now what? Get your butt to the art store. Buy those crafts you stare at when you go to Hobby Lobby. Make something with your hands that just screams you. Who cares if it looks like an actual five year old made it? It’s yours.


Via Tumblr

Via Tumblr

Learn to take a compliment! I mean it; stop doling out those compliments left and right. It’s draining after a while and let’s be honest, you’re probably tired of people responding with “Thanks!” and not saying anything nice back. So, this week let the compliment justice wash all over you and relish in it, you generous Libras you.

Now what? If everyone else can be full of themselves, why can’t you? Don’t be a total stuck-up, but every once in a while, it’s alright to be a little vain. So this week, make yourself look good with these Show Stopper Pants and make it all about you.


Via  Gifbase

Venus is back in your sign, so this week will be quite an eventful one for you Scorpios. This week you’ll find that independence suits you. And maybe you’ll even realize that you don’t have to hold all of your emotions at bay. Let them out, even if it’s in public. You need to express yourself because nobody needs a breakdown.

Now what?  Take a leap, even if it’s a small one and let someone close to you experience the real you. Tell your significant other something that you might have been holding back for a while. Share something intimate with your best friend. Let it all out, girlfriend.


Via  Gifer

Via Gifer

Take a step back. Now take one more. It’s time to look at your situations, relationships, and goals from a distance. You’ll find out something you could have never realized from up close. Use this week to revamp those old routines and reinvent yourself. It doesn’t have to be drastic; even the smallest changes can make you feel like a whole new person.

Now what? This week is great for accomplishing small tasks that might seem rather large. Clean out your closet, switch up your morning routine, or even reevaluate your relationships. Is something not working? Now’s the time to solve them!


Via  Tenor

Via Tenor

Fly high, sweetie pie! This week, take an aerial view and see the bigger picture. Channel your inner Yoda and see that you are intertwined in the universe just as you should be. This week is all about connections, so forge new intellectual or maybe even a sensual relationship with someone you’re familiar with or someone who’s just crossed your path.

Now what? If you’re trying to make a connection with someone, make sure you’re away from distractions. Even if you aren’t in a romantic relationship, take that person out for a “date”. Make it intimate in a way that there’s already a spark in the conversation before it even begins.


Via  Giphy

Via Giphy

Let loose and party! Well, emotionally. This week for you Aquarians is a biggie for your emotional side, but you won’t need to buy an extra box of tissues. Venus is begging for you to loosen up, even if that means indulging your irrational behaviors a little bit. It’s okay to focus mainly on you, especially because this week you’ll find yourself able to get to the core problems in your life.

Now what? Take a breather, girl. Life isn’t going anywhere so it’s okay to stop and see if it’s going as you planned. You might want to take this week to see what you need in order to feel happy and empowered as all women should.


Dream sometimes don’t come true? It’s time to send your idea babies to the graveyard, dear Pisces. You know those hopes and dreams you’ve had for a super long time that have never really come to light? Yeah, it might be time to lay those dreams down to rest. That newly discovered logic from last week will help you to decipher which of those dreams might never work out.

Now what?  It’s back to the drawing board! Take this week to sit down and prioritize your goals. Maybe you haven’t done that in a while; life moves on quickly and some of those goals you had when you were nineteen might not be relevant anymore.


Life is in the details. This week is, you guessed it, all about the details. It’s time to analyze those feelings you keep shoving in that dark corner of your mind. The answer to your problems might not be in plain sight, so you need to dig deeply and precisely. But be careful to not get stuck in a rut, lovelies, because this week is full of contrasting energies.

Now what? Take some time to do some soul searching. Seclude yourself or go for a walk: as long as you’re alone. Spend some much needed quality time with yourself and find out what’s bugging you. Some much needed rejuvenation could come from your you-time.


Via  Giphy

Via Giphy

No pain, no gain! Are you up for a challenge? If not, oh well because this week one’s coming for ya. Whether it be mental, spiritual, or physical this challenge will be a healthy one. You might feel like you’re going to die in the middle of it, but I promise, it will help you in the long run.

Now what? Although your stability is what your friends and family rely on the most, it’s time to get rebellious! Not all challenges should be solved in the same way, so think outside the box.


Via  Giphy

Via Giphy

To be or not to be? Definitely be. An uncomfortable situation might cause you to stop running away from your feelings and face them head on. It’s time to stop analyzing everything and just be. Venus will have you thirsting for personal truth, so dive deep into your emotions and don’t resurface until you find something.

Now what? Meditation is great for relaxing and letting those inner emotions come to you. Don’t waste your time digging for something that you might have a hard time finding on your own. You have things to do and places to see!


Via  Gif Image

Mind your own business, Cancer! It’s time to stop worrying about everyone else and focus on your needs. Being generous is great and all, but sometimes you gotta put you first. Maybe in all your efforts to help others, you’ve gotten confused about what you like. It’s time to fix that, sweetie.

Now what? Date yourself! Have a little one on one with yourself to get reacquainted. You might have lost some of your tastes while you were busy helping others. Well, it’s time to take back what you like, honey!  


Is that a ghost? It’s time to dig up your past, Leos. You might not know it, but something from your past could still be haunting you. Use this week to get to know those ghosts again, as spooky as they might seem. The more you know about your past, the quicker you can let it go and live your best life.

Now what? Maybe you’ve still got some pictures of your ex on your phone or on your insta profile, but, girl it’s time to let that go. Use this week to cleanse yourself of all those bad mojos from people that you’ve dropped. Whether that means reconnecting with them or accepting the fact that they’ve hurt you, it’ll help you be happy without that underlying stress.  

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