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How To Step Gingham's Game Up To The Fall Season

How To Step Gingham's Game Up To The Fall Season

This summer, everyone has been a little addicted to all things gingham. Whether it is a pair of statement earrings, sneakers, pants, or a tank top, adding a bit of gingham adds the right amount of “oomf” to an otherwise plain look.

Thinking about gingham in the past, it has been commonly used as a Spring/Summer pattern, associating it with picnic blanket patterns that I would have used on a camping trip or a day at the beach. Celebrities and bloggers alike have been wearing the pattern at their beach getaways on their sandals, colorful dresses, and purses.

I've told myself throughout the spring and summer seasons that I'm not packing my gingham away as soon as fall comes around, and in fact I've challenged myself to take gingham from the "picnic blanket" pattern into a fall staple. Below are six gingham pieces I'm drawing inspiration from and how you can make these looks perfect for the fall!

Gingham Pants

Jacket:  $74  / Pants:  $88  / Sandals:  $185

Jacket: $74 / Pants: $88 / Sandals: $185

This fall, instead of incorporating gingham pants into summer-themed outfits with colors such as bright pink and blue, try changing the hues of the complimenting pieces to something darker, like olive. The black and white checkered pants look great in this outfit with an army-green jacket from Mango. This jacket gives just the right amount of fall-vibes that you can pair it with black sandals in September, or with closed-toe shoes when the temperatures drop.

J. Crew Ruffled Gingham Skirt

Sweater:  $74  / Skirt:  $190  / Boots:  $188

Sweater: $74 / Skirt: $190 / Boots: $188

If you’re one to march to the beat of your own drum, then this gingham look will be perfect for you this season. Pair this ruffled midi skirt that would scream summer if paired with a tank-top with a sweater with dark stripes. Keeping the sweater in the same color scheme as the black and white skirt keeps the outfit from going too crazy, but still will stand out. Finish the look with a pair of black block-heel boots.

Gingham Tank Top

Turtleneck:  $59  / Tank Top:  $395  / Jeans:  $176  / Sandals:  $59

Turtleneck: $59 / Tank Top: $395 / Jeans: $176 / Sandals: $59

You may have loved wearing your ruffled gingham tank top throughout the summer with colored jeans or denim shorts, but this fall it will go so nicely on top of a black turtleneck. Adding black underneath the gingham and black slides keeps a cohesive color scheme. If I was wearing this outfit to hang out with friends, I would recommend a pair of flared blue jeans to tie the whole look together.

Belted Gingham Dress

Dress  / Boots:  $56  / Bucket Bag:  $11

Dress / Boots: $56 / Bucket Bag: $11

If you need a polished outfit to look stylish for an interview, look no further. This dress already came with a belt but nothing is stopping you from taking one of your summer gingham dresses and adding a cool leather belt on top. To keep the look appropriate for Fall, you’ll need some closed-toe shoes. Find some cool black cowboy boots like these from ASOS, a statement red bag, and then you’ll be ready to go.

Sam Edelman Canvas Slippers

Top:  $97  / Pants:  $19  /  Shoes

Top: $97 / Pants: $19 / Shoes

You may have worn shoes like this out this past July to walk around downtown and get ice cream, but this fall you’ll be wearing them to a football game or out to dinner in the city. Gingham mules are an absolutely adorable summer shoe that you got update to fit in your fall wardrobe. Instead of wearing white jeans and a can colored top like in the summer months, switch it up with a v-neck sweater and black jeans. 

Gingham Mini Dress

Dress  / Shoes:  $24  / Earrings:  $9

Dress / Shoes: $24 / Earrings: $9

The right accessories will transform your dress from that outfit you wore a day on the boat in June, into a professional look that is perfect for a day you’re meeting with your boss this November. Switch out your normal summer sandals with a pair of sling-back heels like these from Forever 21. Instead of simple hoops, trade them for a pair of tassel hoops that elevate the look.



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