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How To Take It From Work Attire To Happy Hour Attire In One Minute

How To Take It From Work Attire To Happy Hour Attire In One Minute

It's always a fun stress reliever to leave your place of employment to go to a super cool happy hour to seriously unwind with your co-workers (the ones you do like). This could be your local hang spot or a brand new happy hour at your city's latest bar opening. And yeah - happy hours are great in the winter, but summer is prime time to let loose on the deck and kick it in the sunshine with your coworkers. Maybe it's the sun, the opportunity to look over your big city on the rooftops, the sexiness of less clothing on, the amber colored sunsets, who knows....but whatever it is, this summer’s happy hours are totally vibin' with you! Of course, if you're going straight from work to happy hour, you don't have much time, nor options to get all cute and dolled up without running all the way home…. UNLESS you wear the right outfit to work. Here are some ways to take your look from professional in work mode to happy hour hang bestie with your coworkers. 

Sweetheart to Sultry in Two Steps

Dress:  $230  / Pants:  $32  / Necklace:  $39

Dress: $230 / Pants: $32 / Necklace: $39

Lipstick:  $18.50  / Cocktail ring:  $55

Lipstick: $18.50 / Cocktail ring: $55

The Sweetheart Wrap Mini Dress By For Love & Lemons is the perfect combination for sultry and sweet. This dress print and style is versatile and will easily take you from busy day at work to happy hour ready. For work, you’re going to want to pair some slacks underneath the dress, so it will be work appropriate and give off an artsy, tunic vibe. You can wear your hair up in a messy bun for the day. For happy hour, you’re going to want to get rid of the black slacks, let your hair down and toss on this statement black necklace by Alina & T Jewelry. Finally, you’ll want to pop on some bright red lipstick by MAC and finish off this look with a cute cocktail ring by Hagar Satat Jewelry and you’ll be good to go!

Feels Good to Be a Trailblazer

Pants:  $40  / Cropped Top:  $19  

Pants: $40 / Cropped Top: $19 

Blazer:  $34  / Palette:  $59  / Earrings:  $24

Blazer: $34 / Palette: $59 / Earrings: $24

Wearing a blazer with a shirt underneath is totally work appropriate. However, if you’re headed to work after, this cute red crop top is perfect. You can disguise the crop top during the day by buttoning the blazer until the work day is over. These phenomenal Black Soul Pants from Lindsey’s Kloset hug your curves, but have a sexy grown up business type flow to them, too. Once you leave work, just take off the blazer, create a little smokey eye using this Limited Edition NARSissist Eyeshadow Palette by Nars and add some hoop earrings by Madewell! Go on, order that cocktail!

Jump from 9-to-5 to Happier Hour

Jumpsuit:  $79  / Blazer:  $79

Jumpsuit: $79 / Blazer: $79

Headband:  $19  / Eyeshadow:  $35  / Heels:  $37

Headband: $19 / Eyeshadow: $35 / Heels: $37

This lace jumper is perfect for the office with a nice fitting blazer over the top. When you're ready for happy hour, all you need to do is just take off the blazer, add a headband and keep the black, strappy heels on. Adding a turband from Katerina Hats will easily level up your 1920s-esque glam style in an instant. Add a touch of blue eyeshadow to really make this a happy hour look!

Flirt in a Skirt

Skirt:  $20  / Blouse:  $59  / Choker:  $18

Skirt: $20 / Blouse: $59 / Choker: $18

Shoes: $64

Shoes: $64

Pair this super cute flirty printed skirt with a lightweight romantic button down. At work, you’ll want to button up. Once you are ready for happy hour, you’re going to want to throw on a graphic tee underneath and unbutton the shirt fully. Add some dainty layered necklaces to make this look sparkle while you shine on at happy hour. Switch from flats to these rockin’ motorcycle boots to turn it up a notch!

Business Casual to Happy Hour Office Days

Pants:  $58  / Shirt:  $38  / Heels:  $67

Pants: $58 / Shirt: $38 / Heels: $67

Tank:  $8.99

Tank: $8.99

On those glorious days where you can wear jeans to the office, you’ll be in good shape to hit up happy hour right after work. First, start off with some black, high waisted jeans. Second, you're going to want to wear a blouse that is printed, but not too wild for work. This printed Red Baroque Print Chiffon Oversized Shirt by Pretty Little Thing, is perfect for the office with a white tank underneath. Once you are ready to hit happy hour,you just have to take off the tank. Kick off your flats and add red heels to this saucy look!

Black Work Dress Turned Cocktail Dress

Dress:  $28  / Cardigan:  $18  / Earrings:  $55

Dress: $28 / Cardigan: $18 / Earrings: $55

Heels:  $54

Heels: $54

Thank goodness for the little black dress on being so versatile and classic. Start with this Amanda and Chelsea Sleeveless Ponte Sheath Dress. For work, layer light green cardigan over your black dress. When heading out of the office, add these gold hoop earrings from Shopbop. Pop on some gold heels to get in the mood for the golden happy hour you’ve been waiting for all day.

Future CEO in a Maxi Dress

Dress:  $35  / Earrings:  $145  / Ring:  $18  / Highlighter:  $46

Dress: $35 / Earrings: $145 / Ring: $18 / Highlighter: $46

Maxi dresses can be a beautiful way to transition from work to happy hour effortlessly. Maxi dresses can give a demure appeal, but you can turn up the vavoom sex appeal in minutes for happy hour. All you need to do is add a statement fashion ring and earrings. Finish off the lock with a killer highlighter to really stand out in the crowd of co-workers.

Strike a Match

Bodycon set:  $32  / Tee:  $24  / Crossbody bag:  $37  / Polish:  $16

Bodycon set: $32 / Tee: $24 / Crossbody bag: $37 / Polish: $16

Two-piece matching sets are in, right now. Start off the work day with a fun and funky set like this Art Deco Print Tube Top & Bodycon Skirt Set from Forever 21. For work, you’re going to want to pair a black tee underneath. Once you are ready to leave for happy hour, take off the tee to strike a party atmosphere outfit vibe. Pair a fun colored bag like this Plano Scalloped-Leather Crossbody Bag from Talbots and you’ll be all set to shine! Quickly paint your nails blue to top off this look!

From Office Life to Wild Night

Dress:  $69  / Jacket:  $68  / Belt:  $16  / Shoes:  $69  / Handbag:  $54

Dress: $69 / Jacket: $68 / Belt: $16 / Shoes: $69 / Handbag: $54

When you’re on your way to happy hour from the office, there is nothing that a little cheetah print can’t fix. What you’re going to want to do is ditch the jean jacket. Then, grab your cheetah heels from the bag in your car. Throw your hair up into a chic high ponytail. Finally, add a cheetah belt to pull this look together. The dress screams office chic, but the cheetah amplifies the look to rock stardom.

Hip Hip Hooray for Heels at Happy Hour

Skirt:  $45  / Blouse:  $39  / Necklace:  $25  / Shorts:  $38  / Shoes:  $89

Skirt: $45 / Blouse: $39 / Necklace: $25 / Shorts: $38 / Shoes: $89

Wearing heels to happy hour will level you up a notch (literally). These fun turquoise heels from Anthropologie will work well with office hours and happy hour. The chunky heel will allow your weight to be distributed evenly, so it won’t hurt during the work day or standing at happy hour. Pair the turquoise necklace to pull this look together.. You can keep the skirt on or switch to shorts to provide a more casual, hanging-out-on-the-deck look.




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