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 High End Makeup That Is Really Worth Throwing Your Dollars At

High End Makeup That Is Really Worth Throwing Your Dollars At

You see them on the walls of Sephora—shiny, perfectly packaged, and expensive as hell.  The high-end makeup. I mean, come on, it’s like the makeup is begging you to buy it.  But with so many dupes and knockoffs, is it really worth it to spend all that cash?  And is the makeup even worth the hype?  Would you be better off getting a cheaper but more effective option?  If you’ve found yourself walking through the aisles of Sephora or Ulta, confused as to what products to splurge on, I’m here for you!  Makeup shopping can be tough, so why add any additional stress?  High-end products can also be tough on your pockets because they, unsurprisingly, can be extremely expensive. Take a look at these high-end products that are so worth the hype.  We’re talking foundations, primers, concealers, the whole nine yards! So, sit back, relax, and enjoy, because I got ya covered, girl!

Urban Decay All-Nighter Long Lasting Setting Spray

This is the holy grail of setting spray.  It’s 100% my favorite setting spray to use because it works.  It is literally amazing. All you have to do is scroll through the reviews on Sephora and it’s riddled with five stars.  I also personally use this spray and trust me—trust me—your makeup can withstand any and everything with this spray.  While you can get a lot of low-end setting sprays for under $10, this one is $32.  But, like I (and plenty of other people) have said, it’s a makeup must!

NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation

For me, foundation is one of those things that is hard to come by in drugstores.  Not only does the shade range usually stop 10 shades before my color (and you won’t catch me out here looking like a ghost), but usually the quality of the foundation is visible.  NARS’ foundation lasts all day, has great coverage, and is definitely one of my favorite foundations.  It’s $49 at Sephora, but it’s undoubtedly worth it.

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Long Wear Foundation

Lancome’s foundation is another one that I simply adore.  Whenever I put it on, I’m reminded just why I paid nearly $50 to buy it! It’s also seamless and full coverage!  Whether I’m doing a “no-makeup” makeup look, or a full face, this foundation always gets my face looking flawless, especially my “no-makeup” looks—this foundation is so smooth, it just looks like I have perfect skin! And, added bonus: they have my shade!!

Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder

I know you’ve probably heard about Laura Mercier’s setting powder, but let me tell you: IT. IS. GREAT. You want flawless foundation? Use Laura Mercier’s setting powder.  You want a lightweight setting powder? Use Laura Mercier’s Setting Powder.  You want your makeup set forever? Yup, this setting powder. Trust the hype, people. Trust. The. Hype. That $38 is worth it, girl! Get on the Laura Mercier wave! There’s also have a travel size option that will last you a while if you’re not ready to dully commit to a $40 powder.

Kat Von D 24 Hour Super Brow Long-Wear Pomade

I haven’t tried this pomade, personally, but I have been meaning to.  For $19 (a bit more expensive than drugstore eyebrow pencils), this pomade leaves your eyebrows looking great all day! If you’re lacking in the eyebrow department like I am, you know this is a blessing.  Just scroll down the reviews and you’ll see this pomade is so worth it. Plus, who doesn’t want to be able to rock their brow makeup all day!

Sisley Double Tenseur Primer

Okay, don’t flip out on me when you hear the price of this primer, but, it was co-signed by one of my favorite youtubers, Alissa Ashley.  She hails this primer as one of her favorites, and, while I haven’t gotten the chance to try it because I’ll definitely have to save up for it, it’s on my list of Makeup I Need to Try.  So, you’re probably wondering how much it costs because I’m clearly making a fuss.  And it is a whopping $192.  I know, crazy.  But the reviews are insanely good!

Morphe 39a Palette

Morphe has some of my favorite eyeshadow palettes, and the 39a palette is no different.  This palette is a must-have because it gives you warm colors (blushes, oranges, and reds), but also gives you a few cool colors like blue, and green.  This is especially wonderful if you’re just getting into makeup—you get all the colors you need for $38.  This one has also been cosigned by my fav, Alissa Ashley, and she’d never lie to us.

Becca Highlighter in Opal

This is my go-to highlighter! If I have nothing else, you will catch me refilling my Becca! It’s perfect if you want to get that glazed donut look (i.e my favorite type of look).  I mean, who doesn’t love a good highlight??? This is one of those items you keep in your makeup bag forever. It’s just that good. Get at Ulta or Sephora for just under $20, and step into the luxurious realm of a glittery face.

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer

Now, Tarte has certainly had its fair share of controversy. Namely, when they dropped their Shape Tape foundation line earlier this year with literally three foundations for girls with dark complexions.  However, their concealer has taken the makeup world by storm, and it is full coverage and long-lasting concealer and it is vegan. This concealer, for $27, has certainly developed a cult following and is undoubtedly one of the most popular concealers on the market right now.

Pat McGrath MatteTrance Lipstick

Kiss all day until your heart’s desire and you won’t even smudge! Not even a little bit! This matte lipstick stays on and it stays on forever.  It is certainly a pricey lipstick at $38, but like I said, it lasts forever.  The pigmentation is great, and it’s also not extremely drying like a lot of matte lipsticks can be.  If you’re willing to dish out $40 for this lipstick, you will not be disappointed!

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb

So, I seriously love Rihanna’s products, but her lip gloss goes on this list because it’s still one of my favorite glosses ever! Now, of course, I love a cheap glossy lip from the hair store, but Fenty Beauty’s Gloss Bomb not only smells yummy, but it’s just so sparkly and pretty. It also has a beautiful pink undertone that gives the gloss an extra spice to it. It’s nearly $20, but you know what? I’m sorry! I’m going to pay the $18 for it! Sue me.

Belif moisturizer

While this isn’t really makeup, it’s skincare which we all know is just as important.  If you wear makeup every day, skincare is also crucial.  And pro tip: we all need a moisturizer. This moisturizer is hydrating and refreshing.  It will also keep your face soft and smooth all day long!  It’s $38, but your skin is so important! If you’re going to splurge, skincare can be just as, if not more, important to splurge on.



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