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Celeb Wines That Will Keep Your Parties Lit All Summer Long

Celeb Wines That Will Keep Your Parties Lit All Summer Long

 Wine is great for any occasion, but there is just something about summer that makes you want to bust out the best in class wines to share with your friends during pool party sunsets, or backyard BBQ shindigs. We have compiled a list of the best and most sought after celebrity wines that are currently available on the market today. From bubbly fruity flavors, to your smoother red wines, there is sure to be a celebrity wine that will have you feeling famous by the end of indulgence. Don’t forget to bring some cheese, grapes and an assortment of nuts to pair with these wines for the ultimate “red carpet” tasting! Your friends will be asking when the next fun event is by the end of the day, with these pairings and selections.

If You Want To Feel Like Royalty (Queen Elizabeth)

With all the wedding bells chiming for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, Queen Elizabeth II was tending to one of her passions: wine making. The Queen has her own vineyard in Windsor Great Park. This vineyard has been around since 2010 and the makers have really honed in on their craft to create an upscale wine that tantalizes the taste buds. This would be best to pair with grapes, strawberries and cherries at an afternoon brunch.

Making Perfect Memories With Dear Rosè (Lauren Bushnell)

Former Bachelor contestant, has become a lifestyle influencer through the years. One thing about lifestyle she values most, is making memories with friends and family. So, she thought, wine always brings people together in laughter, joy, and leaves everyone with good memories. So, she created Dear Rosè wine. A wine made in Provence, and for all to enjoy the fruity blends all day long. This wine is perfect for outdoor brunches with friends, as it's a deliciously refreshing wine that will instantly set you and your tastebuds in an amazing mood. 

Fegalicious Feelings (Fergie)

Did you know that Fergie’s dad was a farmer? Well, now you do. Fergie felt the desire to do something that played into the family business, so she decided to start her own wine! Ferguson Crest has both red and white wines to enjoy. Might as well pick up both for the ultimate taste testing. This would be best to pair at a night pool party with some open fire, and homemade pizzas.

More Berries, More Barrymore (Drew Barrymore)

 From E.T. to her latest role in Santa Clarita Diet, there isn’t much that Drew Barrymore can’t do. Enter in her divine Barrymore wine by Carmel Road. Drew’s favorite wine is Pinot Grigio. She wants her wine to create great memories and make a great first impression on the palette. If the wine is anything like Barrymore, we are all in. Best to pair this wine with a cheese plate at a summer garden party.

Legendary Sips (John Legend)

From the smooth vocals and craftsmanship of John Legend, we have LVE wines available to us. Legend works with Raymond vineyards in a beautiful partnership that breeds LVE Chardonnay, LVE Cabernet Sauvignon, and their newest LVE Côtes de Provence Rosé from France. These wines will have you singing Oh, là là in no time. This would be best to bring out during a summer night piano jam session.

Dreaming Tree from You to Me (Dave Matthews)

Known for his almost 3 decades in The Dave Matthews band, Matthews spends some of his time off the road cultivating his The Dreaming Tree wines. And boy, are they delicious. This is a fantastic wine to impress your music nerd friends. Matthews works in a partnership with New Zealander, Sean McKenzie to perfect their lovely wines. This would be a great wine to pair with a vegetarian salad and couscous, and afterward heading out to a concert.

San Francisco Savvy (Train)

Although Train isn’t the first band to get in on the wine game, they sure know how to do it right. The band’s Save Me San Francisco wine has over 100 medals for starters. The goal of their wines are connect people just as their music does. The proceeds of their products go to Family House which is “temporary housing to families of seriously ill children receiving treatment at the University Of California San Francisco Benioff Children's Hospital.” These wines would be great to try a night out on the town with your friends before going dancing.

Girlie Drinks for Anyone (Bethenny Frankel)

It may be called Skinny Girl wine, but anyone will enjoy this low calorie wine created by celebrity chef Bethenny Frankel. These wines are around 100 calories per serving, so you will be able to know your dietary intake, which a lot of wines do not list. Skinny Girl wines have pinot noir to California Red Blend. With so many choices why not try them all? These would be best paired with cheese and crackers for a girl’s night in.

Smile for the Camera, Then Drink Wine (Francis Ford Coppola)

Legendary filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola created Coppola Winery in Geyersville, CA. Their tagline is “Home of  Cinema, Food, Wine, and Adventure.” So, taking this wine on a picnic to your nearest state park or snuggling up next to your honey with a movie and popcorn would be the perfect pairings for these wines.

Need for Speed then Wine Down (Jeff Gordon)

After an adventurous summer day, you’re going to want to wind down and enjoy a refreshing beverage. This is where you want to take out your bottle of NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon’s wine. The 2011 Chardonnay is the one you really want to get your hands on. The wine is super refreshing for a sunny summer day. This wine will pair well with some salmon on a date night.












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