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My Suitcase, My Rules: a New York City Summer Fashion Packing List

My Suitcase, My Rules: a New York City Summer Fashion Packing List

Summertime is here and everyone will be taking selfies in cities that will have you feeling some type of way in the #FOMO department. But not to worry, you have your own magical NYC summer trip planned. It is time to eat some social media worthy food, visit some incredible galleries, stay awake until the sun rises, and eat three meals a day at the deli shops.

You’ll want to make sure you are looking your New York City best with these suggestions for what to pack on your trip. We picked some fun and funky pieces that match the feel of one of America’s most beloved cities.

We made sure to include some pieces that could be good for nighttime, daytime and some accessories that can take your style to the next level. New York fashion breathes its own individuality and a “don’t mess with me, don’t care” attitude that goes with it.

A Badass Denim Jacket

New York City temps can be pretty warm in the daytime, but during summer nights temperatures can drop, leaving you wishing for a jacket to over that cute going out dress. Check out Lindsey’s Kloset’s “Jocelyn #Unreal Denim Jacket.”This jacket screams NYC because of the funky color pattern that will make you stand out in a crowd. New York is not shy when it comes to colorful patterns that show off your individuality.

A Two-Piece Show

A two piece is a great look to take with you to the Big Apple for two reasons. The first reason is that it is really effortless to wear throughout the day. The second reason is it looks ahhmazing. The “Gower Set” by Lindsey’s Kloset is sure to keep you looking trendy all day and night.  You can museum hop all day then attend a show at night in the same two piece. All you have to do is change your makeup from a daytime to a nighttime look.

Printed Fabulous Flats

Don’t be surprised if you do  a lot of walking while you’re in New York. You will be walking around neighborhoods checking out endless shops, food spots and new coffee places. You’ll thank yourself later for grabbing cute printed flats like these Rothy’s Lepoard print pretty much elevated any basic jean or dress.

Sky High Heels for when You’re Down to Lyft for the night

 After taking in the gorgeous sights, you’ll want to head downtown for some cocktails a la Carrie Bradshaw. Try a fun twist on the classic black heel with some embroidery. Nasty Gal’s “Back to Your Roots Embroidered Heel” is super cute and will go with just about any outfit you choose.

A Day Pack for Easy Access

When you’re spending some travel time on the subway, you’re going to want a small, light daypack that won’t bog you down or hurt your shoulder. With this day pack you can carry around your debit cards, metro pass and phone with ease. You can wear it on your back or front if you’re worried about pickpockets on Time Square. Check out WANT “Chain It in Vegan Leather Fanny Pack.” We like how simple, yet sleek this bag is.

A Visor to Protect You from the Sun’s Rays

Visors are making a comeback with street style. These accessories look awesome when done right. The ultimate benefit is that visors protect your face from the harmful sun rays and allows you comfort as you explore the city. Try “Vanessa Suede-Tied Visor” from Anthropologie. This visor is grown-up looking and will have everyone asking where to get one of their own. 

An LFD (Little Funky Dress)

New York is one of the best places you can let your “freak flag fly.” It is a city that loves to express personality through clothing. The “Little Funky Dress” will be a great number for block parties or a late night out. You can try Venus “Printed V-Neck Dress.” The plunging neckline is to die for. The dress is sophisticated and bohemian all wrapped up into one. Love!

Flawless Sunglasses

When you’re out in the city, sunglasses are going to be a major key in completing your outside look and protecting yourself from the sun. Warby Parker makes incredible looking sunglasses that can be made into prescription if you so choose. Try the “Flynn” style that will have you feeling like a rockstar while you strut your stuff on the pavement.

Mini Square Scarf

Living out of a suitcase on your dream trip can be daunting. Mini square scarves are here to help. If you’re the type who likes to wear a tee shirt and jean shorts, adding a mini square scarf can easily elevate a look to make it chic. Try Urban Outfitters “Paisley Silky Mini Square Scarf.” You can even wrap this around your purse to give your bag a whole new style and feel.

Rain, Rain I’m Ready for you Raincoat

Summer showers are a thing in New York City. You will want to be prepared when the weather hits. Check out Le Mouton Blue’s “Transparent PVC Raincoat.” This raincoat will turn heads because it’s different and interesting. The pink design on the lining makes it chic. You can have this one custom made, so that it will fit you like a glove. This rain shower has got nothing on you!

With all the fun outfits available, there are some items you should not bring with you while touring the big city. One of these items is a oversized, bulky bag. With so much walking during the day, your shoulders are going to hurt. A bulky bag will make it hard to find the items you are searching for, too.

Another item to leave at home is heels that hurt your feet after a couple hours. New York City is a major walking city. You do not wait to catch yourself two hours into your adventure complaining about how much your feet hurt and wishing you just stayed in your hotel room.

You do not need to pack more than two electronic devices. Let’s be real, you aren’t going to need your laptop, cell phone, and Kindle when traveling. These items can be a pain to lug around the airport. Not to mention you’ll be outside exploring for the duration of your stay. Your cell phone should be enough to suit all your needs.










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