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The 'Heavenly' and 'Hellish' Met Gala Looks of 2018

The 'Heavenly' and 'Hellish' Met Gala Looks of 2018

Fashion’s anything-goes night of the year is already underway: this year’s Met Gala theme is “Heavenly Bodies,” an exploration of the intersection between style and Catholicism. Dripping in gold, red, and fine linens, let’s dissect the best looks of the night- and who needs to be wiped off next year’s elite guest list.

Heavenly Looks

Amal Clooney


Amal, Amal, Amal. What can’t she do? Pants to the Met is a big deal- and if there’s one person who can pull it off, it’s Amal Clooney. Sure, she’s not entirely in the theme, but we’ll give her a pass- after all, she’s co-hosting the event. 

Amanda Seyfried


Does this look like a borrowed costume from Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again? Yes. Do I still not trust Amanda Seyfried after what she did to Les Mis? Yes. But game recognizes game, and this beautiful dandelion-inspired piece has me clutching my pearls. She’s almost giving me proto-Madonna vibes. Somebody get started on that biopic ASAP. 

Lynda Carter


I am in love with this outfit. Simple, understated, yet so oddly regal. Like, I feel as if Lynda Carter could just grab the mic and say “I’m overthrowing these continental United States and starting my own kingdom, who’s with me?” and everybody would raise their hand. She’s a queen. 

Diane Kruger


FINALLY, somebody corresponding to the theme and not wearing a warm tone or a neutral. This incredibly intricate, ornamental gown is perfectly off-the-wall but just right for the Met Gala. I want to live in this dress, or have somebody carry the train for me as I walk down a large marble staircase, Princess Diaries-style. 

Amber Heard


I am fine with the amount of crowns at this event, truly. Where is my all-female adaptation of Richard III, and why isn’t Amber Heard starring in it? 



When will SZA ever let me LIVE? I mean, seriously, she is always dressed like the Disney princess I needed when I was younger at every single event she gets invited to, and I’m fine with it. As I’ve stated before: this is SZA’s world and we’re just living in it. 

Uma Thurman


Elegant. Understated. Like she’s in a Nancy Meyers movie. I can vibe with it. 

Kate Bosworth


I forgot that Kate Bosworth existed and then remembered how much I love Win A Date With Tad Hamilton. Anyways, she looks so incredibly ethereal in this gown that it’s making me want to revisit my high school AP Art History class (which is saying something, because I failed that class). 

Lily Collins


I’m always prepared to hate Lily Collins because people say we look alike which means when she serves better looks than me I get instant pangs of jealousy. However, she pulled out the big guns for this look and stuck to the theme. Props to her. Now I need to put on some black lipstick and wear a nun costume tomorrow in order to get even again. 

Katherine Langford


We love a queen who sticks to a theme. This red cape is serving up some Lady-Macbethian realness, and the gold jewelry certainly adds an extra flair. Plus, if St. Vincent proved anything with the release of MASSEDUCTION, red and pink is 2018’s chief color combo. 

Olivia Munn


Fine, I’ll say it: I like this, and I’m not even really sure why. There’s a Botticelli-like element to the dress, and you seldom ever see a mermaid cut in this shade of yellow. The headpiece is also an interesting touch. I could write a thesis on this outfit. 

Jasmine Sanders


I am SHOOK to a new level of shaken. The gold detailing! The sleeves and bustier! The middle-part with the rose applique! The necklace! I don’t know who this person is but I’m prepared to offer her my entire life. My anti-fashion friends have told me that the tiering on this gown looks like a fortune cookie but I’m not listening to their opinions right now. 

Hellish Looks

Donatella Versace


Donatella, Donatella, Donatella. I expect more from you in times like this. I’m hoping that this is secretly Penelope Cruz on set of American Crime Story season 2 and that this is all a bad dream. 

Jill Goodacre


Eh. Not terrible. It’s, like, what your mom would wear if you had to bring her as your date to the Met Gala, and even half-way through the event she still thinks you’re at the MoMA. 

Liza Koshy


I’m mad that she got invited to this event and even madder she dressed like she found a Wednesday Addams costume at an outlet-mall Hot Topic circa 2014 and said “Boom, that’s the one.” I can really feel my blood pressure rising. 

Bella Hadid


I don’t even know where to begin with this one. The look on Bella’s face really sums it up for me.

Princess Beatrice of York


This really feels like a high school production of The Princess Bride that nobody worked that hard on. Like, YEAH, it’s okay or whatever, but there’s so much taffeta here that if I look too long at it my eyes might pop out of my skull. 

Rita Ora


It’s 2018 and I still don’t know who Rita Ora is and frankly, at this point, I’m too afraid to ask. 

Hailey Baldwin


Whereas Uma got elegant and understated right, Baldwin misses the mark by a longshot. I feel like I’m looking at literally any prom photo that came out of a rich kid’s Instagram story, not a Met Gala dress. Pass. 

Lily Aldridge 


Another shining example of how literally no one important ever corresponds to the Met Gala theme. This is how Blake Lively dresses on a casual day. I want to place a formal call to Anna Wintour and tell her to take Aldridge’s name off the guest list until she learns how to act right. 

Hailee Steinfeld


It’s like they brought back My Sweet Sixteen. Re: Hailey Baldwin, this is 100% Steinfeld’s old prom dress she dug out of her closet. At any rate, maybe this is a problem that’s exclusive to anybody named Hailey/Hayley/Hailee/Haylee. 

Wendi Deng Murdoch


This is what I like to call “Claire’s Couture,” i.e., outfits I would’ve been all over as a preteen. The glitter? The SLITS? The borderline-jelly bracelets? This isn’t appropriate for the Met at all but it is appropriate for eight-year-old-me. 

Ann Romney


HOW DID THE ROMNEY’S GET INVITED? Why was that a thing? And why do I feel as if Ann Romney is about to tell me and my little dog the correct way to get back home to Kansas? 

Lili Reinhart


Lili Reinhart’s outfit makes Ann Romney look like Naomi Campbell. What do you even call this look? Jetson Chic? Tin-Foil Couture? Who approved this? I have no clue, but one thing’s for certain: she ain’t gonna be on the 2019 guest list.









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