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How Women In Their 20s Are Botching Their Own Faces At Home, And Don't Even Know It....

How Women In Their 20s Are Botching Their Own Faces At Home, And Don't Even Know It....

What is more of a death wish to your face than slept in makeup? Nothing! While it seems so convenient to just plop yourself onto your bed after a drunk ridden, home calling night and do all the things you meant to do the next morning, it is the utmost tragic crime story.

If you confess to doing this once before, you better start heading to the confessional because you just committed one of the biggest sins in the beauty bible. While this may be the bare obvious, there are some beauty routine secrets that are vital to protect your skin from accelerated aging, and ultimately--like many products do-- botch your face. We are here to bare it all!

Morning Routine

Your morning routine is the most essential part of your daily skin regimen. This is because, like we can presume, the way you start your day is usually how you’ll end it. It is the impetus for the day that lies ahead so if it starts off rocky, it’s hard to transform the likeness of it into a day well spent. Think about it--have you ever skipped a morning yoga class and found yourself way off balance? Or forgot to catch some zzz’s the night before so now even espresso can’t resurrect yourself from the walking zombie syndrome.

It’s a life hack. So if anything, treat your face with the best life by ensuring every morning is a great morning. Step into your zen and let your skin radiate through the streets with these favorited products.

Fresh Soy Face Cleansing Milk

Bless your wake up routine with a beauty regimen designed to preserve your youth and combat the grim and grime your every day awaits. A cleansing milk is gentle to the face so it won’t strip your face from natural oils while retaining moisture to enhance that natural glow.

ORIGIN’s GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream


Wake up your tired eyes with this GinZing eye cream by Origins made to radiate and reduce the appearance of dark circles. This eye cream is infused with coffee beans blended with GinZing energizers which is especially great for providing an energizing, euphoric effect making the best product to add to your morning routine.

Omorvisca Queen of Hungary Mist

A toner is indeed the secret to getting glowing skin. Despite its hefty price, you’re guaranteed  the best investment you’ll ever make on a toner. It stands as the holy trinity for your face; boosting collagen, firming skin and fighting fine lines.

Beauty hack- dont spritz, just wipe. Toners are designed to remove residue that cleansers may leave behind so it’s more efficient to just wipe.

Rose Deep Hydrating Face Cream

It’s a lightweight soothing cream that will provide all-day hydration with it’s nourishing rose oil formula. The Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream works well the Fresh cleansing milk. Because both products are super light, your skin won’t be left oily like many moisturizers can cause. It is the solution for all skin types.

Mid- Day

Like most of us beauty enthusiasts, we like our matte lips, flawless foundation sets and everyday eyeshadow. I’m sure we all shared that cringing moment when we looked in the mirror and then there it was, SPOTTED-- an oily T-zone and creased lines. We’ve just witnessed overbearing hours of morning’s work down the drain.

It’s almost alarming how a quick reminder to blot or use setting spray can prevent this from happening. As much as these foundation products claim all- day protection, they simply can’t do you full justice without a little touch up assistance.  

Make Up For Ever HD Pressed Powder

It is 2 p.m, do you know where your pressed powder is? Right in that bag where it should be (or so I hope). This compact, go-to is my favorite powder to brush on with my kabuki brush. It suppresses my face’s afternoon call for an oil explosion everytime. Since it’s lightweight, it won’t affect your foundation making for that cakey- finish we all dread.

Fenty Beauty Blotting Papers

I will not lie to you--I honestly use this product religiously. Fenty Beauty blotting papers is just right for that instant nix to excess oil.  Depending on how oil-prone your skin is, you can use this once mid-day or at every hour if needed. What makes this so reliable is that it is versatile-- if you’re a girl who suffers with hood lid probs or just need to matte your lip, keep toting this essential in your bag. It will save you the horror.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir

Take an escape to the French Riviera with this aromatherapeutic scent of a beauty elixir by Caudalie. It’s an travel sized elixir that is easy to spray on for that dewy, radiating look. This beauty elixir also contains many essential oils so not only will it make you look good, but also make you feel good.

Pore Medic Minishing Mist

Save your coins! This Pore minish mist by Dr. Jart does two jobs in one-- it sets your makeup while also hydrating with essential oils. This particular mist is recommended for all skin types because of its nourishing yet control on excess oils effect.

Night Routine

Trust me-- we know it’s hard. You’ve just snuggled into bed for netflix and chill but forgot to wash your face (and assuming you haven't brushed your teeth either, side eye intended).

Your night routine is just as imperative as your morning routine, because how poorly you care for your face at night will determine for a rude awakening.

To get a better understanding of what your night routine should look like, it’s not just splashing water on your face or using makeup wipes in hope it will do the job-- it’s much more.

Before calling it a night, you want to use products that focus on stimulating your collagen’s production then you’ll be set to catch some zzz’s.

Glytone Mid-Gel Cleanser

Shockingly, it is necessary to have two different skin cleansing products for a daily routine, because mixing it up creates better results. Using a salycic acid based cleanser--whether it is for morning or night-- is good for avoiding acne and buildup which can occur especially from your bed pillows. This cleanser will regenerate your cells to unleash a more youthful skin.

Fresh Firming Overnight Mask

Sleepover Spa? You can literally maintain your beauty even while sleeping. If your into overnight masks, try out this Fresh Black Tea Firming Mask which is designed to firm the skin and reduce signs of ageing. It’s like contouring your face without the bronzer or concealer, just natural products for the lifted look.

Youth to the People Prevention Superfood Eye Cream

If you're not in favor of the overnight mask idea but still want to add an anti-aging product to your nightly stash, consider an eye cream like this one. This vegan product supports the planet just as much as your beauty needs. Like your fave juice from pressed Juicery, the products are cold-pressed and sold in small batches.

Farmacy Sleep Tight Night Balm

Personally, I use this product every night right after using Farmacy Honey Potion Mask. It is the perfect duo and leaves my skin looking like a baby’s bum the next morning.

What makes this product so worth it is that it’s not just a moisturizer, it’s a face balm which penetrates your skin more than your typical moisturizer. It doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy and like most balms, just a little goes a long way.




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