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Is a 2000's-style Bohemian Revival on the Way In?

Is a 2000's-style Bohemian Revival on the Way In?

Jeremy Scott is reviving Ugg boots, Vetements has collaborated with Juicy Couture, and denim is back on the runway- so let’s face it: the 2000’s have a chance of coming back in the next few years. With the rise of western boots, many are suggesting that the 70’s-esque festival wear revival that was popular in the mid-2000’s might become a year-long trend. 

The 2000s style Bohemian Revival is defined by flowing skirts with floral fabrics, far-out bell bottoms and a carefree attitude. With festivals such as Bonnaroo, Burning Man and Coachella, the Bohemian style is more noticeable than ever. Designers are currently picking up on these 2000-style trends because they require low-key maintenance but still look effortlessly flawless in a cool, earthy way. When you think of the trendsetters of Bohemian style, it would be hard to not think of Mary Kate & Ashley, Sienna Miller and Britney Spears. Their 2000’s Bohemian styles are the ones that paved the way for this trend. All in all, the 2000’s Bohemian style is on its way back, so get your wardrobe ready.

Crop Tops

The first trend that has paved the way back into the scene are crop tops. Remember when all your belly-bearing favorite celebrities were showing off their toned abs and looking like they just walked off the beach? We do. The 2000’s crop tops are the ultimate must-have in your closet for a Bohemian Revival. Embroidered crop tops can be great to incorporate into your closet for this re-emerging trend; embroidered, geometric shapes give the earthy-but-elevated feel to your look. You can also pair the crop top with a fun knee length skirt. Another choice would be to pair a solid colored crop top with a flowery printed skirt.

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 7.53.14 PM.png

Patterned Headbands

Patterned headbands are a staple item that every closet will need when cultivating  this look to the max. You'll want a chunkier headwrap that gives the essence of almost fortune-teller chic. They look super cute paired with a flowy dress. throw on a vest over the dress for extra fabulousity! You will want to incorporate some bohemian-style jewelry to finish off the look.


Printed Maxi Dress

Another staple that you will want have to have in your 2000’s Bohemian wardrobe is a printed maxi dress. These flowy dresses are simple and easy to incorporate into your wardrobe and will leave you feeling Boho chic. They come in a variety of patterns and are easy to dress up with some cute jewelry.

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 12.00.11 PM.png

Bell Bottoms

If you’re a fan of bell bottoms, you’ll be happy to know they are back in style. Bell bottoms are a must have in this style revival. They scream Boho chic. You can get them in so many colors and get pant legs as wide as you feel comfortable with. Go for the high-waisted ones for a modern looking twist on a re-emerging trend, or add a band tee to really make this look shine.



You will want to start buying a lot of cute skirts to add to your closet, so get some brown and burgundy printed skirts to incorporate into your style. These skirts go with just about any top and will have you feeling your Boho best.

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 12.19.28 PM.png

Off Shoulder Blouse

The next item you’ll want to incorporate into your closet is an off-the-shoulder blouse. These blouses are super cute— they also come in a variety of styles. You can get ruffle sleeves, fringe, or plain white to really stand out.


Layered Chokers

Layered chokers are definitely in right now. These 2000’s Bohemian-style accessories look great with any look. They come in a variety of colors, styles and thickness. We recommend lighter colors like baby blue and light brown to really amp up your whole look.



Lace has been making its way back into the fashion scene as well. This is a flirty, romantic way to enhance your look without being too overwhelming in reference to the overall feel of your personal style. You can pair this look with a denim skirt and a cute pair of sporty sandals or go for a full-length number.


Boho Handbag

And finally, a staple item that can be added to your closet is a Bohemian-style handbag. Going for the embroidered handbag is never a bad choice; these stand-out pieces will turn your Boho look from drab to fab in one fell swoop.





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