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How To Slay At Every Music Festival This Summer

How To Slay At Every Music Festival This Summer

There is nothing more boring than someone attending an event perfectly dressed like all the other cliche attendees. I’m just going to start assuming your fashion sense is just like your personality--BLAND. Some of us don’t go to music festivals to look like we just stepped out of a scene in “The Island”. We come to party, let loose, and if can, make a fashion statement. Like Kenzo Takada would say, “Fashion is like eating, you shouldn't stick to the same menu."

With this being said, here is a “meal plan” that will prep you for this summer’s best fests (you can pay me later with gratitude). These pieces are sure to keep you off the ensembly challenged list.

So when all eyes are on you, just remember how your personal stylist (aka godmother)  dragged you out the direction of a clone disaster honey--you’re welcome.

 Electric Daisy Festival


For the insomniacs who will non-regrettably spend this night as a drunken frenzy, the Electric Daisy Festival is….well, it’s definitely all sorts of trips. This festival is sure to bring out the edgy babes so we have created a look for the festive chicks who don’t mind a little Cara Delevingne to work with. A nice embroidered skirt topped with a distressed t-shirt and this tailored statement jacket will bring out the feminine edge to the party. Spice it up with a straight cut “lob” and this lewk is complete.

Lollapooloza Festival


Don’t worry about going overboard with a look because this concert is where you are bound to witness the boldest get up yet. Plunge yourself into hand candy and show out like Vanessa Hudgens at 2018’s Coachella; this event is made for the boho socialite. A crochet bodysuit paired with these linen trousers will provide a chic yet effortless look. Consider adding more subtle statements by rocking this holographic nail art.  

Bottle Rock Festival

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 8.26.18 PM.png

It’s a three day vino-drenched weekend in Napa Valley so we want your look to be as hot as California’s heat. Try considering this unbeatable black fringe skirt and denim jacket pair-- its where off-the runway meets street style. Personally, I think this look would just be to die for with these oxford platforms-- it’s a comfortable yet stylish approach.

Essence Festival


So it’s a fact, big curls are back in and especially for New York City-- it’s “the bigger, the better”. Show out with a fierce doe and throw on a leather jacket, striped midi dress and Lauren Dacade boots for the epic “dare to be bold” ensemble. While this event is all about cultural empowerment, why not support black fashion designers? Top this look with Aurora James’s leather beret to re-make the ultimate Teen Vogue Editor, Elaine Welteroth look.

Vans Warped Tour


It’s a traveling tour endorsed by Vans dedicated to serving music fans of alternative rock, punk, electronic, etc. While you don’t necessarily have to throw on your pair of Vans, however, if you’re feeling a little appreciative of its brand, try these Vans sneakers out. These are a cool collective not to mention embraces the Generation Z trend, so you’ll fit right into the crowd while not entirely being invisible. Go for the denim on denim look with this mini skirt and oversized jacket.

Austin City Limits Festival


You can take the gal’ out the country, but not the country out the gal.’ This festival is annually held in Austin, Texas; so be ready to see the most wildest get up you’d reckon to witness again.

Let us take the cowboy boots look a spin. But make it less country and more runway with a pair of these suede YSL boots. Don’t forget to go two-tone denim and sheer pleated crop cause it’s all about “go big or go home” and Texas knows how to do it bigger than anywhere else.  

Roots Picnic Concert

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 11.44.04 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 11.44.57 AM.png

Beale Street Music Festival


Erykah Badu will be gracing the stage at this year’s Beale Street Music Festival. If you are anything like me (a die-hard Badu fan), you will want to look anything but ordinary in the presence of a legend. Try out this crochet dress to pull off with beach wave curls for that effortlessly chic appeal. Add a peak of springtime with this floral nail decor. Fun fact: it’s a style you can literally pull off all year-round.

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