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Accessories that will Take Your Spring Wedding Look to the Next Level

Accessories that will Take Your Spring Wedding Look to the Next Level

Three cheers for spring weather! The days are longer, lemonade tastes sweeter and one of the most fun aspects about this time of year is that we are right on the heels of wedding season!   

Weddings are a fun time to celebrate the love cultivated by your friends and family. 

For momentous life events such as these, it is crucial that we get our outfits right because, honey, those pictures last forever. We want to look back on the photos and feel like we totally nailed the outfit of our dreams at our loved one’s wedding.

 We have added a list of accessories (and what type of outfit to pair with them) so that you can rock this wedding season. You’ll be receiving all the compliments while you’re shining on the dance floor at the reception. We want you to look your best, so that you can feel your best while giving your toast to the bride!

Look to the Sky


Headpiece / Dress ($49) / Heels ($129)

From dresses to nail design, looking to the sky for inspiration is a major hit this wedding season. We suggest trying celestial hair accessories. You’ll want to stay away from patterned dresses and go for solid colors (like navy blue to mimic the night sky) when implementing this trendy look. You could even amp up the look with some sparkly shoes.

Pearls are a Girls Best Friend


Dress / Headband

Okay, we know that the major bling bling is reserved for the bride on her big day. But why not go for the pearls instead to stand out?! The runway has been doused in pearl headbands, necklaces and bracelets. Try wearing a bold colored dress with a pearl headband to look super classy during the ceremony and reception.

Bib Necklace


Necklace / Jumpsuit

If you want to make a statement, try a bib necklace. There are so many varieties, we can’t even. Some looks you may want to start out with are beaded, gold or silver. Bib necklaces are a statement piece that is guaranteed to get some “You look gawgeous dahling” compliments. Try pairing this look with a solid jumper!

Fringe Drop Earrings


Earrings / Dress

Fringe drop earrings really draw attention to your face and gorgeous eyes. The best way to wear this accessory is to have your hair pulled back so that the earrings stand out completely. You can even wear a bold red earring to make a nude dress to make the earrings stand out even more!

Black Statement Earrings


Earrings / Dress

Pairing a red dress with black statement earrings is sure to make heads turn at any wedding! This outfit color play is sexy and sophisticated all wrapped up into one! Try wearing black heels to balance out this look from (literal) head to toe!

Ear Cuff


Ear cuff / Blouse and skirt

If you’re not feeling earrings on the day of the wedding, than an ear cuff is a super trendy alternative. Ear cuffs have been making headway recently and are a really cool way to glam up your look! Try wearing a cute skirt and blouse with this accessory!

Sheer Gloves


Dress / Sheer Gloves

A really fun way to make a statement with your wedding attire is to wear sheer gloves with your outfit. You’ll want to stick with romantic feeling pieces for this pairing. There’s something about wearing lace gloves that makes you feel like you’re about to have tea and crumpets with the queen, but a wedding is a pretty fancy occasion to wear them, too.

Back necklaces

Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 4.11.43 PM.png

Back Necklace

If your outfit has a low “V” shape, a back necklace is a drool-worthy accessory to try out. It makes your look shine in the light on the dance floor and turn you into a total trendsetter.


Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 4.18.03 PM.png


Boho Headpiece


Headpiece / Dress

Bohemian headpieces are very “in,” right now. They are one part class and another part free-spirit chic. We love how effortlessly a boho headpiece can take a look from drab to fab. This look is best paired with a flowy dress in a mossy green or soft creme color.

Flowers in Your Hair

Ribbet collage.jpg

Dress / Hair

A sweet way to make your look ooze with romance is to place baby’s breath in your hair. The best way to make this look slay all day is if you do a loose braid and place the flowers between the braiding. This look is best paired with a vintage dress for an overall earthy feel.

Black Trim Dress


Shoes / Dress

Black is making bold moves into wedding trends these days. Try finding a dress with a floral pattern and black trimming to really make this look stand out. This trend would be best to pair with a strappy black heel to elevate the look.


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