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iHeartRadio Music Awards: Looks that Won (and Lost) the Night

iHeartRadio Music Awards: Looks that Won (and Lost) the Night

While the iHeartRadio Music Awards are certainly one of the hottest nights of the year, the dress code might as well be get dressed some years. Whether your eyes were glued to the screen last night or you caught up on all the winners on Twitter, here are the top 10 looks that won (and lost!) last night’s red carpet.


Paris Hilton


Paris, I love you. I don’t care what anybody else says. Remember when Paris went undercover on her own reality show, Paris Hilton’s My New BFF, to try and snuff out the competition? Absolutely iconic, just like this look. It’s both tasteful and sweet and totally Paris. 

Laverne Cox


Literally WHAT can’t Laverne Cox do? Exactly. She can do everything. Cox chose an understated yet sleek look for the night that deserves all the applause on the planet. And those Barbie-pink lips? Hell yes. 

Becca Tilley



I know there’s a lot of debate on what shade of Millennial Pink constitutes itself as Millennial Pink, but whenever I think of it, I think of this EXACT color. It’s gorgeous against Tilley’s sun-kissed skin and it’s honestly inspiring me to take my pasty self to a tanning salon right now.

Chantel Jeffries


I’m weirdly here for this. Chantel Jeffries looks like a goddess of sunlight in this draping gown, and her center part and soft glowy makeup add to this ethereal look in the best way possible. Brava! Bravo! 

Madelaine Petsch


Nowadays, everybody is trying to evoke Cher from Clueless, so it’s honestly kind of refreshing to see someone pull a Tai from Clueless instead. The strappy heels! The Birkin-esque bag! The top knot! Madelaine Petsch is strapped to the GODS tonight. 

Maia Shibutani


Now, I usually try and stay away from putting dresses that are evocative of a sophomore-year homecoming dance on the list for top looks of the night- but this dreamy, breezy dress is so reminiscent of summertime and is subtly elegant. Snaps all around. 



Controversial opinion: I dig this. What can I say? Ashanti is living her best life in this outfit. She’s done up like your cool, always-slightly-tipsy aunt who’s just returned from Paris for the holidays and gives you each $100 as a present even though your mother specifically told her not to. I love it and I’m here for it. 

Courtney Mazza


For those of you who are unaware, Courtney Mazza is Mario Lopez’ wife and she’s serving some Jackie O. realness in this fit. And, to be honest, part of the reason I put her on this list is because I once saw her on an episode of Say Yes to the Dress where she said she wanted her wedding to be “Christmas, lace, traditional, and tropical”-themed and it’s haunted me ever since and I needed to, like, let you know about it. 

Chloe Bridges


This is how adult Eloise would dress and I’m absolutely fine with it. This dress is a specific kind of Coco Chanel-esque mid-20th century chic that is so timeless and effortless and NGL, I’m pretty sure it looks good on everybody. Just saying. 

Justine Skye


This is a whole look. Simple and understated, yet contrasts so effortlessly with Skye’s bright purple hair and iridescent heels. And did you notice how great those hoops are? Justine Skye is here truly serving face.


Jenna Dewan Tatum


I don’t hate it, per say, but it’s so Madonna in Evita, so Liberace, so 2013. If you asked me what 2013 as a year looked like in an outfit, I’d probably point to this. High-low skirts with weird out-of-place prints and an unnecessary jacket to boot? Yeah, that’s 2013. 

Iggy Azalea


Just like Jenna Dewan Tatum’s, I don’t loathe this fit, but it’s certainly one of the weaker looks of the night. The only scenario where this kind of makes sense is if you’re on your way to the 2018 iHeartRadio Music Awards and the plane crashes and you’re shipwrecked for a few days. 

Jackie Cruz


I was fine with this, TBH, until I saw the sides. Those star cutouts? That FRINGE? No thank you, sir. While I am a firm Turtleneck Rights’ Activist I cannot allow a travesty like this to pass by on the red carpet seemingly unnoticed. 

Camila Cabello


Camila, Camila, Camila. You already ditched your original group, so ditch your stylist while you’re at it. This is real Flintstones but make it fashion, I suppose. Barney Rubble was NEVER supposed to meet cocktail hour, IMO. 



OOF. Okay, see above about my Flintstones discourse. I do have to give a nod to the fact that if somebody showed me this outfit on a hanger and asked who I could imagine wearing this, I’d immediately say “Halsey.” So at least she knows herself?

Jojo Siwa


Okay, two things: first off, I did not know who Jojo Siwa was until I googled her, and I’m weirdly kind of proud of that. Second off, I realize this is a child, so I’m racking my 11-year-old Justice-and-Claire’s-shopping brain to get some perspective here. But even my inner 11-year-old me knows that this just does not work, no matter how old you are. 



Another person I didn’t know until I googled them. Remember Herbie: Fully Loaded, a forgotten 2000’s cinematic classic in the seemingly endless filmography of Ms. Lindsay Lohan? This is like just like that except not like that at all, because Lindsay would 100% be able to pull this look off, unlike Serayah, apparently. 



It’s like Carmen Sandiego went to Bass Pro Shops. Real talk: how long do y’all think this took to get on and off in the green room? Be honest with me. Conservatively, I’m gonna say, like, at LEAST 45 minutes. Probably more. 

Mariah Belgrod


Somebody tell Mariah Belgrod that the Olympics are OVER and no, she cannot re-do that triple axel jump. Sorry. This look is only suitable for an impassioned ice skating routine to Cher’s “Strong Enough” or somebody’s sister’s Bat Mitzvah, and that’s the tea on that. 

Hailey Baldwin


I’ve tried to write a witty joke about this for the past ten minutes or so, but nothing comes to mind other than legitimate grief over this look. Please mourn with me. 



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