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12 Stocking Stuffers For The Girl Who Has Everything

12 Stocking Stuffers For The Girl Who Has Everything

With the holidays fast approaching it can get a bit stressful trying to buy the perfect gift for everyone in your life, especially when you are trying to pick out a present for someone who basically has everything already! Trying to find stocking stuffers can be tricky because they cant be too big, but you also don’t want to go for the generic options that basic people are putting in stockings every year. Get those creative juices going, and think of things that are truly useful. That way, you’re not filling someone’s stocking with yet another item from the dollar spot at Target!

Card Case

One thing that has become increasingly popular over the past year are card cases. They’re awesome for women who commute to work, because you will eliminate having to carry around a heavy pocket book but also great for going out because you won’t have to worry about watching your bag all night. Some of them, like this one from Tory Burch, comes with a chain so they can easily be hooked onto your keys or even a handbag if you are a total mess and want your essentials easily accessible!  

Quick Pack Cosmetic Bag 

This chic travel makeup bag is great for the boss babes who are always on the go for work or fun! It’s small enough that it can easily fit in your carry on luggage but will hold almost your entire, if not entire, makeup collection! The way that this works is that it closes up to a little thing but can be expanded, it is basically like a collapsible drawer for your cosmetics.

Satin Scrunchie Gift Set

Scrunchies are one of those old school trends that seem to be making a huge comeback in the recent years. They usually fit a lot looser than regular hair ties, so they are the perfect stocking stuffer for ladies who easily get a headache from having their hair up all day. We’ve all been there!

Vertical Bar Necklace 

This necklace is engravable, you can add an important date and set of coordinates. This is great for an anniversary date, or maybe the coordinates of where two people met. Another awesome thing about this necklace is that it comes in three different colors, and five different chain lengths so there is literally one for everyone! This necklace is simple, and very versatile, making it the perfect accessory for all outfits.

Under Eye Patches 

This stocking stuffer is literally a life saver! No one likes to wake up and see puffy bags under their eyes, especially when they have somewhere to go. These patches are good for all different skin types, and is simply a pack of bio-cellulose that gets applied underneath the eye. They will rehydrate the skin under your eye so that you can return to your busy life with a fresh, revitalized look! 

The Mandy Mittens, By Jocelyn Fur

These fingerless fur mittens by Jocelyn from Lindsey’s Kloset are a must have for those women who are always, we mean ALWAYS, on their phone. But, let’s be real…it’s tough not to be, in this day and age. It makes sense to have gloves that help feed your addiction, right! Who wants to take their gloves off in this freezing cold weather every time they like a picture or send a text?! Needless to say, being all tech-savvy has never looked and felt this good!

Poser Snap Pro (Phone Camera Lens)

We all know that when we have an amazing outfit, and flawless makeup, we need to document it with a selfie shoot! This camera lens attaches right to the back of your phone so that your OOTD pictures will be taken to the next level. This is small enough that it can easily be popped into any size handbag and brought on the go to document all of your style adventures.

Foldable Flats 

Most women have been in the situation where they decide to wear some bomb heels to an event but halfway through said event their feet are literally killing them! That is where these bad boys come in! They fit easily in a handbag and come in a ton of different colors and patterns. These are great for women who attend a lot of formal events because they can be slipped on while traveling too.

The Laundress Travel Pack

We may not want to admit it, but we all have that one friend who is basically a slob when it comes to their laundry, or maybe you are that friend… This travel pack easily fits inside a purse and contains everything that a you will need when an accident happens, on the go. This is ideal for people who have to travel a lot for work. It comes with everything from stain remover to a fabric freshener for hotel room linen. 

Padded Scarf 

For those gals who live in colder climate, this will be the best accessory that money could buy. Something that is appealing style wise, but will also keep them warm! Scarves are a great accessory for the colder months, but most of the time, they are not very useful for quality warmth . A padded scarf will make sure that you look cute, but will also not be left outside in the cold this winter! 

Subscription To The Style Box 

One thing that seems to reign true about most style aficionados is that when they want something, they usually end up buying it for themselves. This can make buying them presents for holidays or birthdays, almost impossible. A subscription to The Style Box is not something that most women will buy themselves but great for a fashion lover because it allows them to try new products without having to pay full price for them! It’s a great present for babes on a budget!

Clear Winged Cat Eye Sunglasses 

Clear sunglasses became super popular this past year. They match literally everything, they are clear after all :) Since they are clear they won’t make you look too cool for school if you wear them inside. They are a great fashion accessory if you’re looking to make a statement, but not go too overboard. Even though the colder months are officially here, there is always a need for a pair of sunglasses, no matter what season! 

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