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Mercury Retrograde Might Have Us Dragging Our Feet - Horoscopes for November 12-18

Mercury Retrograde Might Have Us Dragging Our Feet - Horoscopes for November 12-18

Don’t you just love when Mercury goes into retrograde? It has our brains all fuzzy and our tongues all tied up and we can’t really say the things we mean to say. It’s great, right? Well, get ready for lots of drama thanks to this pesky retrograde. It might be petty and nothing to worry about, but you should all keep your eye on the issues this week because some of them can turn nasty. And not in the good way.

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This week, none of us except our lovely Libra sisters will be feeling ourselves. But there are ways to cope. Whether that means beginning a new workout regime or sitting on the couch and eating chocolate all day, find whatever works for you. Some of our habits will be here to stay as well. Mars will be triggering some emotions that will linger until the new year. Get ready for the long haul, ladies.


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Need to be productive but are all out of energy? Try something new! Switch up how you normally do things and adapt to the situation. Not every problem can be solved with the same solution. On a brighter note, Mars will bring good tidings for the rest of 2018. Follow your heart and take some risks. It’s time to get what you want and if that means dropping someone who is consistently getting in the way of that, then so be it. It’s your time to be happy.

Now what? Mars might be encouraging you to splurge with your heartstrings, but don’t let that feeling make it to your wallet. Money might be getting tight soon, so don’t spend money on any impulse buys. It’s time to exercise that self-control.


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Mars might have you feeling more attached to your home than usual, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be boldly self-expressive. Redecorate or host a house party. It time for spontaneous action. So, go and do. As for this week, you might find your emotions getting in the way of your better judgement and causing petty arguments. Stay in tune with what’s under the surface because that’s what really matters.

Now what? That Mercury retrograde will be screwing up your house of communication, but don’t worry. Any problems that arise can be solved next week, so don’t say anything you can’t take back.


Via  Tenor

Via Tenor

Let the money rain, Cappy. Well, not literally. As long as you’re resourceful with your finances, your wallet will be full. It’s time to be that smart adult we all hate to be. But while you save that dough, distract yourself with challenging work and interactions. This week, you’ll be able to speak up for yourself so you’ll be able to handle those challenges. Go for it, babe!

Now what? Sometimes it’s good to focus on the material world, but this week Mercury says otherwise. At some point, you need to take a break and listen to what your dreams are telling you. Tune out the outside world and listen to what’s within: it could provide an interesting insight.



Tell me what you want, what you really really want. No, really. What do you want? To be that go-getter, you need to think outside the box this week. Once you get where you’re going, you’ll discover new ideas and new people. And if your goal involves taking a trip somewhere, but you don’t know how to get the money to do so, then simply be resourceful. Save your money, but don’t be petty about possessions. Make your priorities.

Now what? Your whole friend group will be suffering from this Mercury retrograde. Play your part in the solution and don’t participate in gossip. One way to do that is to stay away from social media. I know, the horror.



Good things don’t come without some behind the scenes action. Remember this week Pisces, that you need to do a lot of unnoticed work to get the results you want. Whether that’s in physical projects or revisiting old memories, anything you do will pay off. And you won’t find yourself with a lack of energy. Mars is in your zone for the first time since 2016, so get ready for a gigantic dose of independent energy. You might even find yourself overloaded with it.

Now what? Your communication will also be affected this week. You might feel less inclined to listen to those around you, so watch your tone. Don’t start anything you won’t want to finish next week.



Hate group projects? Get ready to love them. Teamwork will be a breeze for you this week. But don’t get too eager to be a leader. Your biggest involvement will be what goes on behind the scenes. Much like your Pisces friends, you’ll be doing that hard work that might go unnoticed at first. But don’t get angry and self-sabotage. You can get just as much satisfaction from this as you would a project by yourself.

Now what? To work well with others, we often have to watch our tongue which can be hard for you Aries. So analyze your viewpoints before you go blabbing this week. Not everything needs to be said aloud.



Believe in yourself and you will reach your goals. But you also need to believe in others. So, stop competing with everyone and join their side. You might find that you like it and your independence can take a much needed break. Sometimes working together can help you to be more efficient and that gives you more time to do what you want. Like watching Netflix in your pj’s.

Now what? This Mercury retrograde is really causing some trouble. You might feel the need to revisit an ex of yours. And we all know that ended for a reason. So, when you feel the urge, do some investigating. You’ll soon realize just why you dumped that person.



It’s a perfect week for impromptu adventures with your friends. So, go explore without an agenda and have some fun. While you await this grand adventure, Mars is revving up your ambition for the rest of the year. So, work on the things that matter most to you because you’re sure to get a lot done.

Now what? Mercury might have you wary to answering authority, but pick your battles. They’re your senior for a reason and you definitely don’t want to say something that you can’t take back. So, don’t jump to conclusions and try to think reasonably for this week.



Giving all your passion and energy to one person or project is great. Just remember that progress isn’t a line. It isn’t measurable by a ruler, so if you can’t see anything definite happening, don’t worry. Maybe all you need to do in that aspect is go wild. Stop playing it safe and take a big risk: it will pay off. But do realize that you shouldn’t take risks in what you say. Especially with this Mercury retrograde. Don’t shove your beliefs on others. Have an open mind.

Now what? You might find yourself overlooking details in your projects. It’s good to look at the big picture, but try to edit yourself now rather than later. It’s easier to do so in the moment than it is to come back once you’re finished.



Teamwork really does make the dream work. This week, you’ll find a ton of benefits in teaming up with one other person. They’ll not only help you get your work done quickly, but they’ll also stimulate your mind and help you learn emotionally. It might even be a good idea to stick with them for the rest of the year if you like the work that you two are producing.

Now what? Mercury will have you struggling to speak from your heart. Just know that you don’t have to work on this alone. You and your significant other can work together to find out how you feel. And that can add a whole different touch to the relationship.



Mars is sending you a whole bunch of mixed signals, Virgos. This week is all about finding the balance between the moments you need a partner to help you through a problem and the moments when you need to go it alone. But don’t let conflict be the judge of that. Sometimes a little conflict can be constructive because it forces you to talk to one another. So, the choice is all yours.

Now what? If you do decide to push past the conflict, take this time to reconnect with your family members. Maybe you’ve been fighting a lot with someone you were once close to. Now is the week to make use of a little shouting match and rekindle the love.



You’re the lucky ones! This week is all good vibes for you Libras. New attractions might arise now that you feel yourself, so go for it. For the rest of this year, you’ll find yourself loaded with energy and passion, meaning it’s a good time to be productive. It won’t feel like a drag or a chore: for once, you’ll actually enjoy it. And if you feel like all that energy is building into stress, then a good sweat session will do the trick. It’s time to start feeling good again, babe!

Now what? You don’t really have to worry about this Mercury retrograde, but do keep it in the back of your mind. If you find yourself struggling to communicate exactly what you want, just remember that the pesky planet is the reason behind it. You might just want to wait it out.  

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