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Podcasts For Those Days When You "Can't Even" With The World

Podcasts For Those Days When You "Can't Even" With The World

Who would have thought? Podcasts are very in.

So, what’s so great about them? For one, they’re great for long commutes or road trips by yourself (or with friends, if you aren’t up for the classic jam sesh) and a lot of them provide us with unnaturally fun learning opportunities. They expand your mind, girls! And who doesn’t want to be known as the “smart one”? But if you aren’t exactly up for a subtle mind blowing experience, there are others that are just funny or only talk about recaps for TV shows. That’s the beauty of it; you can listen to anything.

Have you noticed? Everywhere you look now, someone’s recommending you a podcast. But how do you sift the good ones and the bad ones? Well, look no further dear podcast virgin, here are a few that might just get addictive.

Skimm’d from The Couch

This one’s all about empowerment, ladies! Creators of theSkimm Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg use this podcast, along with their super useful app, to tell you what’s out there for women in the business world. They touch on anything from starting your own business to chasing your dreams to how to handle really bad advice. Once you start listening to this, you’ll be a boss babe in no time.

My Favorite Murder

You never knew you loved true crime until now. Although I’ll warn ya, don’t listen to this if you aren’t good with gore. Because man, do Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark get into it. But you still somehow manage to laugh at their jokes. These women don’t make light of murder but they understand that we can’t always be bogged down by tragedy. So, whether you are really interested in true crime or you just want to freak yourself out, this podcast is the one to do it.

The Joe Rogan Experience

He’s a comedian but he likes to learn sometimes. Joe Rogan brings on other comedians, actors, and even geniuses on his show. Yeah, he got Elon Musk and just had a two hour conversation on how brilliant he is. And what’s great about it is Joe Rogan is just like the rest of us, so you’ll understand everything that’s going on. If you want to laugh about literally anything, go for this one.


If you’ve got a passion that you can’t talk about to your friends because they just don’t understand, you might want to come here. Nerdette is the place to nerd out about literally anything. Greta Johnson and Tricia Bobeda know that everyone’s got a different passion and they’re into pretty much all of it. And hey, while you’re here you might even find something else to nerd out about.

Welcome to Night Vale

This one is kind of like an audiobook. But cooler. This podcast is styled in the way of a radio show for a made up town created by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor. So, it’s kind of like a reading a book, but you’ve got to do a little bit of work to figure everything out. It gives you the feeling that you are a character in the story, so put on your seatbelt, you’re in for a ride.

Wait Wait. . .  Don’t Tell Me

Here’s a fun way to get your news. No, I’m serious! Wait Wait. . . Don’t Tell Me uses games and contestants to guess what’s going on the news right now. So, say buh-bye to reading the newspaper or watching the nightly news like your parents used to do. It’s a new age of technology and it’s time to have some fun.

Girlboss Radio

Anyone watch Girlboss on Hulu? Well, here she is in person. Creator of Nasty Gal Vintage, Sophia Amoruso has created a podcast to basically tell us boss babes how to make it. She interviews other successful business women and uncovers tips and tricks to be the powerful ladies we were all meant to be. Get ready to suddenly become productive.

Anna Faris is Unqualified

Ever wonder what celebs talk about when it’s just them? Well, Anna Faris has created a podcast where she does just that except that there’s a mic in front of them. Oh, and she gives relationship advice too. She gets a ton of other celebs on her show and they talk about anything from the vacation they all took together (and how it went totally wrong) to breakups and how to handle them.

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