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Break the Chains and Kick Those Habits: Horoscopes For October 22-28

Break the Chains and Kick Those Habits: Horoscopes For October 22-28

Old habits die hard. But sometimes we just gotta kill them off. This week, we’ve got the Sun entering Scorpio on Tuesday and a Taurus Full Moon on Wednesday. This Taurus Scorpio axis teaches us to go through the cycle of losing and learning to desire again. So, it’s time to play with fire a little and toy with our obsessions and carnal urges and burst through to the other side as a phoenix rising from the ashes. Dump those old habits that no longer do you good and come to peace with them.

The fire won’t consume you this week, but guide you on a path to self-revelation and balance. Instead of being overwhelmed by the element that is notoriously untamable, you will be in control. Embrace the heat and use it to your advantage.




Is there shame burning a hole in your heart? Do you regret something you did this past week or are you ashamed to admit that you’ve slipped back into those bad habits you once ditched? This might have you feeling lost and confused, like you just keep going in circles. Just remember dear Scorpios, that live runs in cycles and you are only human. All you need to do is take time to recenter and acknowledge the fact that you’ve fallen.

Now what? Sometimes you can’t get up on your own. Don’t be afraid to admit your trip up to someone that’s close to you. They can help you in more ways than you know. Maybe they’ve even been through the same thing that you have. Don’t lose faith in those around you.



You’re so used to looking at your life from above that you’ve forgotten what it’s like on the ground. While you’ve been staring into the future, you might have been missing some important pieces around you. Not all important decisions are monumental Sag, so take a look at the smaller jigsaw puzzle pieces and find out where they go.

Now what? Who knew that something so tiny could shift the way you view something? This week, it’s time to find the things that you’ve overlooked and allow yourself to be changed by it. You never know, it might even change the future that you’ve been staring at for so long.



You’ve been comfortable for too long, Cappy. It’s time to bust out of that comfort zone with a sledgehammer because your life might have gotten a tad too stale. You may want to resist this change with all your heart but it’s for your own good. I know you hear it a lot, but this isn’t like eating your veggies. Opening up even just a little could allow you to have life changing experiences.

Now what? Even if jumping out into the void seems like a scary idea to you, it won’t all be bad. Later this week, you’ve got some heated romantic revelations coming your way. So, maybe just focus on that bright note while you force yourself to do things that you haven’t done in a while.



Use your sci-fi capacity of gazing into the future and see that you just need to open your heart up. You’ve been pushing all your emotions into their respective corners, but that’s not how emotions work girl, and you know it. With that stargazing ability of yours, you’ll see that once you allow yourself to let loose and just feel, you can focus your energy on much better things.

Now what? As you’re getting your sh*t together, you might notice that a friend of yours is going through a hard time. Even if they aren’t a close friend of yours, you can still help them out. Don’t be harsh like you are with yourself at times, but try to be understanding. You might foster a lifetime friendship with someone you never thought possible.



Your life might be full of regret and worry about the past and the future, but it’s time to let that all go. You just need to come to terms with the fact that you are where you are and you can’t do anything about it. Easy, right? It’s alright if it takes longer than a week, but dropping this anxiety will help you out in the long run.

Now what? While you’re stirring up your current mentality, go ahead and take a gamble in your love life. Whether it’s telling your crush how you feel or giving your significant other a big surprise that you’re not sure they’ll like, this week is a good time to just go for.



Alright girl, it’s time to just chill. I know you always like to be on the move, but when was the last time you stopped and enjoyed the fruits of your own labor? Before you hop on over to the next big thing, take a moment and relish in what you’ve produced. It might also be time to reorganize and simplify what you’ll be doing next. Make those plans as simple as you can because you might need to focus more of your time on those that you love.

Now what? Maybe you’ve already been pushing your loved one aside, so it’s time to refocus your attention. You need to let them know that they aren’t forgotten. If that means throwing in an “I’m sorry” then do it, because nothing is more important than love.



This is your full moon, so it’s time to take the power that’s yours. Don’t let anxiety or past memories put a curve in your spine. Strut your stuff and force open a new chapter in your life if you have to. Drop those old habits that you need to and let yourself soak in the rays of your power. It’s time to say goodbye to letting anyone but yourself decide what happens in your life.

Now what? You don’t need to pry open the gates of your future just yet. It can be just a little trapdoor that seemed shut to you a few days ago. Once you get the hang of jamming your foot in places you used to not be able to, you’ll be able to kick down those gates in no time.



It’s okay to loosen the reins sometimes, sweet Geminis.Sometimes all you have to do is leave logic behind and loosen the control you have on your life. Trust in your loved ones to make some decisions that you usually make. You might find yourself pleasantly surprised. This could loosen up your desire to have a tight grip on every situation you come across.

Now what? While you let loose a little, go ahead and let your flirtations get out of hand. You don’t have to go home with a date on the first night, but don’t be afraid to take things on a path that you don’t see the ending to.



You might feel like you’re backed against a wall with nowhere to turn, but soon you’ll find a tiny window that you didn’t know was there. Believe in yourself and your ability to fend for yourself by thinking outside the box that some people try to confine you in. Drop that old habit of staying where people put you and start determining what holds you back instead of the other way around.

Now what? You can control who backs you down, but you can’t control everything. Take a careful look at what you can and can’t control and don’t let problems out of your reach consume you. It does no good to worry about things you can never change.



Our emotions can act like faucets and you might find that you’ve been cutting off the taps, Leos. Once you open those taps again you’ll find that love can come from all sorts of places. Let yourself feel openly and freely without any restrictions. This week, you’ll also find the confidence for any test that comes your way. Whether it comes from someone close to you or even yourself, you’ll be ready for it.

Now what? Opening yourself back up to emotion is a big feat for a single person. You might want to use this time to develop a closer friendship with someone and use them to help yourself. Even if you don’t tell them that you’re using their companionship, you don’t have to do this alone.



The world is not up against you, Virgos. It’s time to accept the fact that some people are here to help. You don’t need to be the rock that everyone leans on anymore. For now, you can be the one to lean on others. And besides, allowing others to help you building stronger and longer lasting relationships with them. Let them know that you rely on them.

Now what? You know how good it feels when you know that someone relies on you? It’s time to give that feeling to someone close to you. If you go back and forth with the giving and taking, it can foster unbreakable bonds between you and the ones you’re closest with.



It’s time for you to really get fired up. This week, you might find that nearly everything is ticking you off, but don’t be afraid to embrace that fury. Don’t hold back your feelings if something upsets you, but that doesn’t mean to go on a rampage. Save the tantrums for when you’re at home by yourself.

Now what? If you think you’ll be more susceptible to the rage within, it might be a good idea to warn your friends about it. It’s okay to be a betch sometimes but let your chickas know in advance that you mean no harm.

Cover image via deviant art

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