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Choose Wisely: How Your Earrings Reveal Your Personality To The World

Choose Wisely: How Your Earrings Reveal Your Personality To The World

While everyone should have a simple pair of diamond or pearl studs in their own personal collection, the upcoming season should inspire us to try something new, like a pair of “personality” earrings that tell a story about who you are upon first glance.

There are a lot of pieces of clothing that you swore you’d never wear because that’s not the type of person that you are, and you don’t want other people to see you that way. Instead, think about wearing something (like earrings) that will give the right impression. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite categories of friends that I know, and the type of statement earrings that best represent their personality upon first glance. 

It’s easy to put a simple outfit together in a rush, but adding that one extra thought of earrings that match your personality really is that final touch. Whether it’s a big event coming up or having a pair of go-to linear dangles to wear with your outfit uniform, there are a lot of different pieces you need to consider.

So if you see yourself as one (or more) of these categories listed below, then you should consider investing in one of the following personality earrings.

The Girl Who Is Always Overly Caffeinated But Always Has Her Shit Together

Are you the girl who always takes forever to text people back, sometimes sets their phone alarms for PM instead of AM, and it always looks like you are extremely disorganized? I know I know, you are actually just organizing all of the millions of different categories in your life, and you’ve never been late or missed a deadline! First of all, go you for getting it all done, but this is a pair of earrings that made me think of a girl like you. They are playful, but still chic. So, you could multi-task and wear them to work while also looking like you planned to look fancy. Throw this pair with any business casual look or outfit for a night out and you will automatically look coordinated. 

The Girl Who Always Shows Up In The Most Put-Together Outfit

When you’re at a get-together do you ever just stare and admire the girl in the middle of the party who looks so put-together, and everyone is circled around her, hanging onto every last word she says? Oh, you don’t do that? Well then you may be that girl…In that case, here are a pair of geometric and eclectic earrings. These chic, modern earrings are exactly what the “it” girl will be wearing at the next social event.

The Girl Who is Down To Try Anything

This is the girl that somehow found out about how all of you could go cliff jumping at the local river (even though you swear you didn’t know it existed), the girl who keeps begging the friend group to go on an over-the-weekend camping adventure. She has the carefree spirit of wanting to try everything, and that’s why she can always rock everything that she wears. Here are some fun and unique earrings that I’d expect this girl to model with all of the bold outfit combinations she tries on.

The Girl Who Can Make Friends With Anyone

No matter if you’re sitting next to someone new at the bar, or you bump into someone in line at the grocery store, you’re the person who is extremely approachable, and can carry a conversation with anyone about anything, wherever you are. Next time you buy jewelry, look for a pair of earrings like this that not only coordinate with all of your outfits, but that are interesting enough to strike up a convo when you’re asking the person next to you, what coffee they’d recommend at the local café.

The Girl Who Always Seems Like They’re Having Too Much Fun On Instagram

How is that girl always traveling? Every time you open your app, she is in South America, Africa, or Europe having the time of her life… but she also has the coolest job? She’s always posting pictures hanging out with her friends and creates the funniest captions… how is she always having so much fun? If you are the life of the party who is always having a blast and has a hard time narrowing down which photos you have to post, you need to wear a pair of earrings that tell people that you are all about having a good time upon first glance. 

The Girl Who Always Finds A Cool Perspective

This is the friend who is always the voice of reason, if two friends are figuring out plans for the night, she will know exactly what moves you’ll be making. If you’re venting to her, she will all of the sudden become your therapist and will have extremely important insight to mend the situation. If you’re the friend who thinks outside of the box and always has a cool perspective, you need a standout pair of earrings for the next big event that speak for your ability to understand all points of view.

The Girl Who Always Knows Every Movie Reference 

You’re the girl who makes quotes movies in every conversation. It’s a total deal-breaker for you if someone can’t finish the line. I don’t know why people aren’t as caught up as you on great movies, because if they were more like you the world would be a better place.

You need a pair of quirky statement earrings that are just as clever as you naturally are, like maybe a pair with a funny double meaning. This will show new people you meet that you have a winning personality before they even start a conversation with you.

The Girl That Has An Embarrassing Picture of All Their Friends In Their Camera Roll

Not only are you the very thin line for your friends between a good reputation and complete embarrassment from their most hideous weekend pictures being exposed. You are the quick-witted, clever friend who always has a joke to say about everything. You are calculated, and wouldn’t put on just ~any~ outfit for a big event. You need a cool conversation starter pair of earrings that everyone will ask you about because let’s face it, that’s how you tend to get ready every day. Check out this pair of earrings that will make you the talk of the town! (I’d pair these with a cute cocktail dress to make them really pop).

Cover image via WanderLux

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