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Have Salon Quality Hair Everyday With These Must Have Tools

Have Salon Quality Hair Everyday With These Must Have Tools

Some occurrences are so rare and beautiful they near mythological status. These are the missed connections of the world, double rainbows on a cloudy day, non-sad desk lunches, and - perhaps most of all - salon hair. The je ne se quois of salon hair is rumored to lie in the hard-earned techniques of stylists, a secret ingredient found only in for-wholesale products, or the glass(es) of wine you've been savoring through your visit- we will never know. But the same salon look can be had for a lot less guesswork, and a lot more wine time to spare, with the proper tools. Here is a master arsenal of tools to create salon looks with ease and independence like the storied beaut you are.

1. Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro Dryer 2000


We all know luxe hair isn't usually wet, but this dryer by celeb-favorite Harry Josh will do more than dry your tresses. The dryer is built with a cool shot button to lock strands with extra shine. Easy on the wrist with a lightweight design, the runway favorite guarantees quick dry time with a 94 mph motor. Way cooler than a racer. (Buy-$249)

2. BaByliss Miracurl

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 6.02.07 PM.png

Curling hair has been grueling work for ages, until this miracurlous tool was created by BaByliss. Burns, tangles, and kinks are just some of the hair curling issues this tool eliminates. The bulbed end clamps onto hair where the curl should begin, then does all the counting for you, according to a preset timer matched to desired curl tightness, and releases a perfect curl. Bye forever, curling iron. (Buy - $139)

3. Amika Blowout Babe Thermal Brush

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 6.08.55 PM.png

Imagine a blowout with no blow dryer. If you’re shaking your head in confusion, it is time to meet amika’s thermal brush. Use on dry hair to shape locks and control volume. This wouldn’t be an amika tool without an ion generator, which is also included for heat protection and a smooth result. (Buy - $100)

4. L’Oreal Professional Steampod 2.0


It may seem counterintuitive to add steam to any activity involving hair. Think of the lengths we go to avoid water from shower caps, to entire anti-humidity suites of product, to stripping off jackets in the rain for makeshift turbans (we’ve all been there). But think of flat ironing as what it really is - ironing - and this will all make sense. L’Oreals Steampod 2.0 is a flat iron that generates pressurized steam to the hair for enhanced silkiness better than your silk blouse. (Buy - $180)

5. Dyson Dryer


This would not be a top tool list without the Dyson. This dryer is equipped to keep hair as healthy as possible, and we all know the greatest beauty secret is solid health. 20 times every second, Dyson’s robot - I mean dryer - evaluates heat level to dry without overheating. Welcome to flawless hair future. (Buy - $399)

6. T3 Undone Waves 1” Straight Barrel

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 2.47.10 PM.png

The simplistic design of the T3 Undone Waves Straight Barrel iron is no reflection of its perfectly imperfect results. Match the styling of the edgiest salons with this tool that gives freedom to your strands’ forms. Wrap hair long and loose along the barrel for the dreamiest beach waves. (Buy - $85)

7. T3 Source Showerhead


Let us start at the source. Mastering your look breaks down the science behind it, and impurities from water have a real effect on the condition and appearance of hair. T3’s Source shower head strips particles like free chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, and iron oxide  from the water flowing our your glorious head of hair. (Buy - $150)

8. DevaCurl DevaFuser


Our beloved DevaCurl has taken diffusing to the next level with the DevaFuser. This branching attachment extends from your dryer to distribute heat broadly and evenly. Soft, bouncy curls will be yours with this hand-y tool (had to). (Buy-$45)















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