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8 Gift Sets from Sephora Worth Getting This Holiday Season

8 Gift Sets from Sephora Worth Getting This Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again—crisp, cold, and icy means that it’s time to turn indoors and make venturing out a very strategic effort reserved for rocking holiday parties or foraging life fuel. ‘Tis the season to buy in multiples and never look back. No one knows our need to simplify while still shining a little more than usual when the occasion or Facebook invitation demands than beauty super store and my best friend, Sephora. This holiday season, Sephora stocked us a new trove of gift sets that can be found in their retail stores across the nation, with the most complete listing available online. These sets are perfect for last-minute gifts and self-gifting for winter survival alike. Here are the top eight sets with the most useful combinations of products to add an effortless glow to your holidays:

1. Dry Bar Winter Waves Bundle

  1. Not only does this set offer staggering value, with two hair tools included that each usually retail between $135-$195, but it includes items that blow heat on you. What could be more comforting than to know your heat routine is going to be on lock this winter with these amazing tools designed to dry hair faster—less time freezing in your apartment—and guide your waving and curling with a rotating clamp on the curling iron—for more time savoring the hot cocoa your just put on the stove. This set is a steal between the dryer and curling iron alone, but it also comes with a brush, clips for segmenting hair like the pros, and, as Drybar would say, an accompanying mini bar of all the products used when you go to the salon. (Buy - $399)

2. Smashbox Drawn In. Decked Out. Shadow & Highlighting Palette Set

Smashbox-draw in - decked out.png

Done and done. This is what you will have to say about your going-out makeup routine once you own this single set, which includes everything you need for eyes and face. Two 8-color eyeshadow palettes are included in a one neutral range of tones and another warm and spicy range, both with hints of sparkle and grounding matte base colors. The highlighting palette includes three shimmery colors that you’ll be glad you trusted when the lights go down. If you need a reminder to have a little fun with your strobing, the entire set is decorated in the lively art of illustrator Ana Strumpet. (Buy - $39)

3. Fresh Sugar Lip Beauty Box


It’s important not to neglect your lips for a second in winter. Once a little damage is done it can be more difficult to repair during harsh weather. These six winter-berry themed Sugar Lip Treatments provide essential hydration to lips to prevent dryness and loss of elasticity. Even more impressively, these sticks include sunscreen which is nonnegotiable to skin health and can be easily forgotten on cold and overcast days. They are also formulated without parabens, sulfates, and phthalates, which is great if you already have more than enough chemical food options at your office party. (Buy - $45)

4. Collection Grands Crus Coffret

Collection grands.png

With packaging so cute, do these mini fragrances from BERDOUES even have to smell good? Do they have to smell at all? Not only do they smell great, but all of the scents are elegantly complex with layered notes sourced from all over the world. Travel the globe without leaving the kitchen. (Buy - $19)

5. Sephora Favorites Perfume Sampler

sephora faves perfume sampler.png

Enter best-selling designer fragrances. Committing to a fragrance is like picking out the one dress you are going to wear to all 10 parties this season. You should not have to pick one without trying them all. The scales of holiday justice would not do that to you in the Land of Sephora. This glorious set includes over 1mL of each of several designer fragrances that you will probably want to make your signature across the board. There are no bad choices here, only your chosen path. Namaste. (Buy - $65)

6. Marc Jacobs Beauty Fashion Collection Velvet Crew

marc jacobs velvet crew.png

Too often, mascara is left out of gift sets. This is very illogical being that it is one of the most quintessential beauty must-haves there is, and one that runs out very fast if you’re someone who likes to keep a full social calendar. Thank goodness Marc Jacobs Beauty has a sexy, sexy solution. This set includes a sleek vegan patent leather pouch that can double as your going-out clutch, as well as a gorgeous Velvet Noir Major Volume mascara and two complementary gel cream eyeliners that are the perfect consistency to smudge or stay according to your mood. (Buy - $49)

7. Kopari Coconut Multitasking Kit


Summer is a state of mind with this luxurious body care kit from Kopari. This set includes a total body coconut oil, a light face and hair anti-aging serum, a more intensive balm for area that need extra care, and a face and body shimmer oil to keep your summer skin year-round. (Buy - $40)

8. Ciate Mini Mani Month Nail Polish Set 


If you are like me and take the most of your holiday pleasure in the gratifying act of opening containers, this is the set for you. Ciate has updated its nail polish formula for longer wear and boxed it up in 22 mini cabinets to satiate your need to unwrap. The set includes 19 mini colored polishes, 1 full size colored polish, and mini base and top coat bottles for a complete manicure you can do and update yourself from the warmth of your home. (Buy - $59)


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