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10 Indie Makeup Brands That Are Focused on Multiculturalism

10 Indie Makeup Brands That Are Focused on Multiculturalism

Makeup is never a “one size fits all” type of deal. As a former model and model coach, I know this all too well. I’ve worked in the modeling industry and watched ethnic models struggle with finding the right shades for their features. Heck, even I struggle with finding the right foundation because I’m so pale!

The makeup industry, up until recently, focused on people who were white or slightly tan in complexion. Thankfully, things have started to change in the makeup world. Our society is getting more multicultural, and so are our beauty brands. 

The indie makeup scene is where the multicultural movement is really taking off. That’s why I decided that it’s time to praise indie brands for making quality products that are designed with inclusivity in mind. After searching high and low, I found these new brands to be really impressive.

MGS Accessories

MGS Boss Lady Gloss,  $20

MGS Boss Lady Gloss, $20


MGS Accessories is a makeup brand spearheaded by Rashee Gupta, a blogger and international makeup artist with a passion for bringing beauty to everyone. The products are vegan, heavily pigmented, and designed to flatter a massive array of different ethnicities. 

Their matte liquid lipsticks are particularly impressive, with staying power that could put most mainstream products to shame. Each lipstick shade can last hours on end without smudging. I’m a huge fan of Boss Lady, but really, any lipstick MGS makes works well.

Beauty Bakerie

Cake Mix Demi-Matte Foundation,  $28

Cake Mix Demi-Matte Foundation, $28


Okay, this makeup line has already seen some serious applause from the mainstream. Even so, it’s still underground enough to make this list. Beauty Bakerie was started by a single mother who just barely survived cancer. Using sheer grit, smarts, and the help of her friend, she was able to create one of the most striking brands on this list. 

The two friends still work together as founders of Beauty Bakerie, and act as living proof of what girl power can achieve. They aren’t just beautiful and successful, they are the kind of role models our world so desperately needs! 

Their vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben-free makeup line is absolutely stunning. Heavily pigmented eyeshadows, foundations in every shade out there, and incredibly flattering lip colors will leave you feeling like a kid in a candy shop. They also use models of various nationalities and backgrounds, offering a testament to their dedication to inclusivity. 

Their foundation can’t be beat, but really, anything from this cosmetic line will look fabulous. It’s just that good.

Black Opal Beauty

BLK/OPL True Color Illuminating Stick,  $8.99

BLK/OPL True Color Illuminating Stick, $8.99

Among women of color, very few brands end up getting as many loyal customers as Black Opal Beauty. This black-owned business is a favorite among models due to their excellent foundations, wide range of shades, and yes, their ability to bring out an incredibly photo-friendly glow though awesome shades. 

The company’s story is one of empowerment, teamwork between three friends, and a love of helping women feel beautiful. If you ask me, that makes Black Opal Beauty all the more lovable as a brand.

IMAN Cosmetics

Luxury Contour Trio,  $16

Luxury Contour Trio, $16

You might not know this, but supermodel Iman actually has her own unique line of beauty products for women of color. Like many of the models I’ve met, Iman herself struggled with finding flattering shades for her skin tone in a market that regularly catered to women who had paler skin. 

She decided to fix the problem herself with her own line of beauty products. The result was a line of beauty products that are model-approved, easy to use, and incredibly natural in appearance. Inclusivity is the name of the game here, and if you have ethnic skin, you will glow with her goods. 

Though her foundations and concealers are great, her real gems can be found in her bronzer line. Contouring, highlighting, and getting camera-ready never was easier. Iman Cosmetics can bring the supermodel out of anyone!

Juvia’s Place

The Tribe Palette,  $16

The Tribe Palette, $16

Juvia’s Place is a cosmetic brand that offers up shades for every nationality and every background imaginable. Ever since their creation, people have been raving about this brand’s ability to embrace all women. Their foundation line made headlines for having such a wide variety while keeping quality incredibly high. 

Foundations aside, this line of long-lasting makeup is ideal for people who want to have flawless-looking skin and bold eye colors. Their makeup palettes are to die for, as are all their other goodies.

Coloured Raine

Affluence Satin Lipstick,  $17

Affluence Satin Lipstick, $17


Coloured Raine is all about empowering women of all walks of life. Owned by beauty expert Loraine R. Dowdy, this company set forth on a mission to blow apart barriers that made it difficult for women of color to shop for makeup. The mission was a success, and Coloured Raine now stands as a testament of self-love, creativity, inclusivity, and empowerment. 

This company’s mission isn’t the only beautiful part about this brand. Their makeup is absolutely spectacular in terms of both quality and pigmentation. Their lipsticks are extremely popular, and once you see them in person, you’ll understand why.


CC00 Concealer,  $18

CC00 Concealer, $18


A.P.D.G. first started off as tattoo and bruise coverup for dance teams, but quickly became one of the most popular indie coverup brands for women of all walks of life. Their liquid pigment line comes in 40(!) shades, lasts long enough to be reliable for a club night, and also is super blendable. 

The shades range from the palest pale to super dark skin. If you have skin tones that are in either extreme side, you need to check out their concealers. It’s just that good.

Fashion Fair

Most makeup artists have heard of Fashion Fair before, but it’s still mainly an industy secret. This indie brand is a low-key favorite of anyone who has darker skin thanks to its decadent textures, high quality pigments, and affordable price range. 

That being said, you don’t have to be a woman of color to adore their beautiful lip gloss shades. This brand is incredible at being able to create shades that suit every skin tone, all while keeping it glamorous.

MDM Flow

Eye and Lips Gloss,  $18

Eye and Lips Gloss, $18

Tired of mainstream looks, and want to flaunt your beauty in a new way? You might want to check out MDM Flow. This brand was created by beauty prodigy Florence Adepoju at the age of 22, and remains proof that you don’t have to be old to create awesome beauty products. 

What I love about MDM Flow is the fact that they get daring with their colors. Sexy lipstick, bright shadows, and wild child looks are what make this brand so unique. It’s a true ode to individuality, all while celebrating women of all backgrounds. 

By the way, their multi-use gloss pots are wonderfully versatile and actually stay in place. Is this a miracle? If you’re like me and have makeup melt off your face on a regular basis, yes, yes it is.

Glow by Melodye

A Mellow Groove,  $12

A Mellow Groove, $12

Also known as “Polish Her Pretty” thanks to the website, Glow by Melodye has become a secret favorite among beauty bloggers and makeup artists who specialize in editorial work. Want to know why? Well, it’s their highly inclusive selection of shades, plus their downright daring pigments. 

Light blue lipstick that turns heads, a theme that’s all about empowerment, and awesomely gentle products are what make this brand a winner. You better believe this makeup brand will work its way to the top.

Cover image via Love Makeup

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